{Price Check} Random promos/rare items I find in my vaults

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  1. So this is all of the promos I could find, I am sure there are more but I would love to know the prices of each and the overall amount it may add up to.
    • Headless horseman mask x2
    • maxarian head x1
    • marlix bow x2
    • momentus toothpick x1
    • ham hacker x2
    • cupid's bow x5
    • 2014 empire firework x4
    • 2014 4ofJuly iday firework x1
    • New years 2013 empire firework x1
    • New years Empire firework 2012 x1
    • Labor bench 2014 x1
    • Eggcelent wand x4
    • 2014 birthday cake x1
    • 2015 birthday cake x1
    • Book of colors x1
    • cooked turkey x64
    • feast for a king x3
    • dancer(unopened) x3
    • Icecreamcow skin x1
    • Icecreamcow flesh x1
    • pi pie x2
    • freedom blade(damaged) x1
    • holiday candle x3
    • ESCD x3
    • Blizz Ard's Nose x2
    • Turkey Slicer 2014 x2
    • Remembrance Poppy x1
    • Cupid(the pig unused!) x2
    • Pot of gold x3
    • cupid bundle x2
    • Love potion No.9 x2
    • Cupids arrows x9 stacks
    • Meteor Bow x7
    • Saltar(used) x1
    • Aikar Head(normal) x1
    • Avalauncer x2
    • Headless horseman mask x2- 25k per.
    • maxarian head x1- 25k
    • marlix bow x2- 50k per.
    • momentus toothpick x1- 120k
    • ham hacker x2- 35k per.
    • cupid's bow x5- 20k per.
    • 2014 empire firework x4- 15k per.
    • 2014 4ofJuly iday firework x1- 20k
    • New years 2013 empire firework x1- 30k
    • New years Empire firework 2012 x1- 35k
    • Labor bench 2014 x1- 25k
    • Eggcelent wand x4- 17.5k per.
    • 2014 birthday cake x1- 15k
    • 2015 birthday cake x1-15k
    • Book of colors x1-150k
    • cooked turkey x64- 2k
    • feast for a king x3- 25k per.
    • dancer(unopened) x3- 30k per.
    • Icecreamcow skin x1- 5k
    • Icecreamcow flesh x1-5k
    • pi pie x2- 21lk per.
    • freedom blade(damaged) x1- 15k
    • holiday candle x3- 9k per
    • ESCD x3- 35k per.
    • Blizz Ard's Nose x2- 185k per.
    • Turkey Slicer 2014 x2- 35 per.
    • Remembrance Poppy x1- 24k
    • Cupid(the pig) x2- 25k per.
    • Pot of gold x3- 22k per.
    • cupid bundle x2- 57k per.
    • Love potion No.9 x2- 75k per.
    • Cupids arrows x9 stacks- 500r
    • Meteor Bow x7- 15k per.
    • Saltar(used) x1- 150k
    • Aikar Head(normal) x1- 100k
  2. Bump! added avalaunchers to the list.
  3. Double this at least. 100-120k seems more likely.

    Anywhere from 200-275k approx. Depends on person.
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  4. Wowie
    Dats a lota promos
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  5. Kinda a quite late bump but what if I were to auction these all off at once(probably won't do it) but what do you think I would get as the highest bid?
  6. I got about 2.6 million rupees :)
  7. Here's the issue with huge auctions. You limit those that can bid and you may not always get full value. I've done this before and was only a disappointment. I've held MANY auctions and my bed advise is to keep them smaller. Auction off the more expensive/popular items then maybe the less desirable ones in 1 or more auctions. You can also create a thread to sell each one. I have one myself and it went quite well. Just my 2 cents. (Those are Canadian pennies so might only be 1.5 cents :p)
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  8. marlix bows 120k per
  9. Here's my two pence. Some of the prices ww2 quoted need a bit of looking at, but more opinions that none at all is always a better thing! :)

    EDIT - Overall amount going at the least you would get (for the ones i have listed) at the lower end of these promos is...

    1.8mil probably to around 2mil if you can get more for them :)
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