[Price Check] PI Pies

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  1. Looking for anyone who can give me a price check on Pi Pies.

    Whilst I've seen FDNY's Price Checking threads and a few others they seem to be a bit of a sticking point. Some members of the community thinks 10k and no more, others think as high as 30k.

    Just interested in what the community thinks as a whole, as i have 2 sitting there doing nothing.

    Thanks guys :)
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  2. I think I paid about 26k for mine a while ago, not sure if that was a good price or not though :/
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  3. I'd say expect to pay between 15-20k for them currently. :)
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  5. The economies on each SMP are different, just try to get the best deal.
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  6. Not for promos, promos should be pretty much the same all across, they tend to be at least :)
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  7. I sold one today for 22k, was asking 23k.
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  8. Depends who you're selling to.
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  9. Yeah, that's not server wise, that's player wise. :p General pricing right now though is around about 15-20k I'd say.
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