[Price Check] Fully enchanted sword and bow

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  1. Hey guys, I don't see very many of these out there, so could some of you give me a rough estimate of about how much a fully enchanted diamond sword and a bow would be worth? (separately)
    Appreciate the help!;)
  2. Post the enchants and I'll give you a price :)
  3. I sell all kinds of enchanted weapons and tools. And I price them according to the time/difficulty of enchanting.

    But I see prices vary a lot from shop to shop, and server to server. Simply, there is not many people selling a full range of enchanted gear. Barely even a full range of enchanted books. :)

    So you can pretty much price it at anything you like. People will pay according to how much they 'need' the item.

    I sell tools for between 2500-4500 (4500 being maybe dia pick with unb 3, eff 5, silk touch).
    I sell looting 3, unb 3 swords for 3500, or more with other bonus enchants.
    I have not got a good range of bows yet (haven't got power books yet), but they can sell from 3500-6k (I'd recommend around 3500 for a good bow (unb 3, power 4, infinity), get power 5, and add 1k to it.
  4. The diamond sword I have is unbr. 3, sharp. 5, knock. 2, fire. 2, looting 3. While the 7 god bows I have got Unbr. 3, Power 5, Punch 2, Flame 2, Infinity 1.:D
    I'm currently in the process of making several more of each, but I need to get a shop setup or find one that I can sell them to. Thanks for the help Scruffy!
    Pretty good enchants right?:rolleyes:
  5. Not sure about other people. But for me, the value of a weapon decreases with Knock or Punch on it. As with Fire Aspect for many people.
  6. I'm curious why is it so bad to have knock-back or punch? Look at the bright side, knock mobs away, into a ravine or lava or knock them back to shoot them easier. I can kinda see fire aspect and flame being a problem, but only with zombies!
    Well if that's the case, I guess I wasted all that time and xp, all for nothing. :/ Thank you though for the input.:(
  7. Yea. Some players like having knock or punch.

    Personally, I don't waste time killing a mob if i can't have it's loot. Especially if it's a looting 3 sword. And knock can send that loot somewhere I can't get it. It also sends skeletons flying away so i have to chase them again.
    Punch, same thing basically. I don't like my loot falling into lava lakes, or over ledges i can't get to it.

    I just find those enchants annoying. I burn knockback books.
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  8. I'd pay maybe 10k for the sword and same with the bow :)
  9. .
    Whahaha, I need those if your wasting them!:p
    If it's a maybe 10k ... I'll take a little lower to help. ;)
    I have them on smp6 where can I meet you?
  10. How many do you want? :)
  11. I only need like 5 or 6, but depending on how expensive they are compared to other shops that I've seen, I dunno if I will buy them.:confused: