[PRICE CHECK] 20 DC's Of Player Heads

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  1. Hello,
    I am looking at selling 20 DC's of Player Heads
    How much is this worth?
    And if I were to set up an auction what would I set the starting price at?

  2. um the title says 20 DC's of Player Heads....Might want to change that
  3. Well heads are worth about ~200r so 200r x 54 slots in a DC x 2 dc's = 21,600r
  4. WOOPS - just realized I typed it wrong in the description just to clarify it IS 20 DC's
  5. are they all different heads?
  6. How many DC's of unique heads do you have?
  7. Frankly, it depends what heads are in the DC.

    If there's a mod or a 'popular member' people will pay more for the DC (or whatever amount).
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  8. When you say "unique" do you mean like staff/admins?
  9. At the moment they are all player but I suppose I could throw in a Maxarias Head or something
  10. If you only had one head from each player, how many heads would you have?
  11. I am unsure sorry
  12. Thats not what deathconn was talking about. People pay a lot of rupees for staff heads or "popular" player heads. For example ArtemisV used to sell her head for 20k I think and people buy it cuz shes a staff member. Todd_vinton sells his head for 5k and people buy it because he's a "popular" player.
  13. But Maxarian heads still sell for a lot....
  14. Max heads are promos
  15. Oh yea thats right