Preserve the wild!

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Do you think we should do this instead of the moderators reseting the wild every month?

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Yes, I think we should do it. 8 vote(s) 50.0%
No, I will just let the moderaors do it. 8 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. As we all know, every month they have to reset the wild. It is a stupid task to do. As a Blue Wolf I would like to start a group called "Preserve the Wild" that isrun by the Blue Wolves. We would kill as much creepers as we can, thus reducing the amount of craters in the earth. We could take down random blocks(not griefing).We could put out random fires spreading through the wild's forest.And, the thing I think would be the most effective,Planting saplings and using bonemeal on them. Also using bonemeal on the ground to create flowers and tall grass. This would increase the moderators time so that they could be playing online and correct wrong doings. I will need alot of bonemeal though, and saplings(one I run out of my 7 stacks of them:))
    Tell me what you think,
  2. Just a note on the creeper fighting, if you go after creepers, its likely you'll cause more to explode than would have normally. Also while preserving the wild is a nice thought, without nearly full community support, it will be very difficult to accomplish. Players will always go to the edge of spawn protect and strip mine. Its how people play and I think it is unlikely to change.
  3. Well, we can atleast try:)
  4. Plus, if you go after a creeper it draws atention to you by other monsters, thus killing them to if the creeper has a chance to explode, which in my case, is like a 6% chance it will explode.(In other words, I pwn creepers:))
  5. i would like to join and help
  6. I would like to point out that there is already a group like this that is doing a very good job, with lots of members. It is called the "Empire Helpers", search it up. :)
  7. Did I miss something? Since when did we ever reset the wild every month?

    And on a related note, resetting the wild would destroy the one we currently have, not preserve it...
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  8. Green_Mystery-
    What i'm saying is we could replant trees and do all the other activities I said instead of Justin and Jeremy having to reset the wild every month.Zanderboy-thanks or the useful information. Maybe we could join and make a huge difference in the wild:)GRANTSWIM4-Yes, i would like for you to join.
  9. Current members that have joined-
  10. Help plnt trees with us sometime,during your free time and recieve a new years present(Secret)!
  11. I thought the Wild was never reset apart from a small area around the immediate spawn which people keep strip mining?

    Either way, you're onto a losing battle here and it's a fairly thankless and unenjoyable task.

    If you persevere, I wish you luck!
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  12. The immediate area around the spawn Justin can reset from time to time to cover up the destruction caused by close to spawn miners. But every few months the entire wilderness/nether may be reset to have a fresh start and renew the tunnel ridden land with fresh ores and minerals.
  13. Resetting every few monthes make sense since there is a point where you'll have to go very far to gather any minerals. But we shouldn't have to reset the immediate area either. It would be nice if people didn't strip mine and actually replanted, but alas they do not.
  14. Have you read my signature?

    Join the Empire Helpers. We aim to do just this.
  15. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!Will do my freind, will do!
  16. I have dirt... If you want dirt.
  17. We arent asking people to replace all the materials they remove from the ground, that would defeat the purpose of mining, all we ask is that if you just start digging straight down to mine, cover up the top couple of blocks with dirt to prevent people from falling down the hole and losing all their precious mined resources.
    Replanting trees is something we request, as per its mention in the empire guide, but it isnt a rule as such. It just provides renewable resources for other players. If everyone planted even one of the saplings retrieved from cutting down a tree in the wild, it would never be an issue.
    The longer the wild ie kept clean, covered and traversable, the longer it will go between resets.

    edit: we certainly dont expect people to use bonemeal to hurry the growth of trees and grass, they will do that in their own time :)
  18. I keep liking your posts shaun. A lot of them are towards the wilderness and preserving it...

    I think that instead of digging a hole directly down to bedrock, dig a staircase or find a natural mine. If you absolutely have to dig straight down, fill it in or cover it up.
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  19. SMM, it very similar to the real world, where do you think the human race would be if all the tree loggers said, meh stuff it, lets not waste time and replant the trees.

    It all comes down to player initiative, looking out for one another, and ultimately preserving the wild.
  20. It's karma. You dig down, you get burned. Even when I dig straight down (only in single player) I dig two holes right next to each other, so if one opens up into lava I can move around.