[PRECE CHERCH] Aikar's Signature

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  2. Um, what?
  3. Grammar Nazi: "Hey! You there! That's not how you spell 'Price'! No lollipop for you!"

    *Gives your lollipop to me*

    Deathconn: "Yippee!"


    Anyways...I have no idea what the price of an Aikar signiture is worth. But I believe FDNY may know.
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  4. There are only 16-17 of them out there, so it's pretty rare... I dunno. Let's all go hunt down FDNY, destroyer of souls.
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  5. It looks like they go for about 60k, but I paid 200k for mine, I guess it's just about selling to the right person, I think Defluxer knows more about these
  6. Woah!! I have one! Also, JZH1000 has one!
  7. The destroyer of souls has been called upon. The minimum number of these out there are 16, though there could possible be more. Aikar does not recall how many he gave out, I have an image showing he had at least 16 of these in his inventory when he dropped them at his Economy Destroying Drop Party though. There is a chance he had some in his vault or he may have made some more when the party was in full swing, and for that reason, there is no maximum number we can put on them.

    Price-wise? Defluxer got his for about 30k a couple of months ago I think, some other people I have talked to made a guess at around 50-60k, so any of those prices and I guess you've got a close enough match :) I suppose it really depends on how much the buyer wants to pay and how much the seller wants for it.
  8. So it is less than a ore buster?
  9. I would say it is definitely less than an Ore Buster myself. Mainly because the Ore Buster has a very good use whereas the Aikar Signature is a display item.
  10. ready for me to all send you to a panic?

    There are a few of my signatures out there that was before the drop party.... Has similar text (all of my signature books are based on the movie Hackers), but different content layout.

    I have no clue who I gave them to in the past, but it was like 7+ months ago. who knows where they are now :)
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  11. Ahhhh... no panic? :)
  12. Just kill me.
  13. No no no no don't do it! I don't want to miss him!