Post your desks/set-ups!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by HxCami10, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Well the servers are down I figure I would take the time to see what other peoples desks/rigs look like!
    Here is mine!

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  2. Same tower as me :D i love that tower
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  3. I feel so inferior....
  4. Mac Mini Rig

    But at night, the LED backlighting comes out...

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  5. This is why I do not post anything about my computer. I would be whooped by everybody :p
  6. MacBook Pro all the way! :D

  7. I see that NZXT sentry in your drive bay. Does it work well?
    I'll post what my desk looks like with parts all over it if you insist.
    Then I'll post a pic of the rig when its done.
  8. I like it, I have to update my BIOS for it to work with all the fans, but its nice to see the temp in my case right now.
  9. Theres a distinct lac of clutter on all these desks... i'll tidy my desk then post my setup :)

    (by tidy I mean throw it all on the ground or move to one end of the desk)
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  10. *comes in with the fanciest and tidiest desk of all*
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  11. Mine is pretty dirty :p