Post the HD Map version of your Res here!

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  1. these are mine, not sure why the dirt is showing up in triangles like that... it's all lava

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  2. Second and awesome
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    Mine doesn't look as epic thanks to my jerkbag neighbor. He built a huge dirt castle in the sky over his res then added a giant 10 by 10 cobble gen on top followed by covering that in dirt and then a diving board off his stuff onto my res and then surrounded his entire place with dirt. He then got himself banned. Included my sister's in since we have the wool sculptures that go together with the Link art on her res. That floating dirt platform was something we had started on to connect the res'es above the sky limit.

    Edit: We're on SMP7 I'm 14162 she's 14163
  4. My connected treehouses. :) It's not very turtle like, because turtles don't live in trees, but whatever. :p

    EDIT: Oh yeah, sgx, my res number is 19055. You should come check it out sometime. ;) lol

    EDIT2: Oh my lord. This is my 100th post! It's such a milestone! xD
  5. oh i forgot to mention, if you mention your res# that'd be cool so i can go check it out later!
  6. map.JPG
    My res, smp5 10398.
  7. Oh my goodness Bugmo,

    I havn't got the chance to play in game for a very long, long time, (2 months.) and you've made great progress!!! Now, if/when I come back from my break, I will definitally make sure I stop by your res!

    I hope to see you soon!

    Best regards,

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  8. smp4 8465, My church with ob1bob69's shop. And jwaylands gold satellite. lol
  9. Can't post a pic but check out 6189 and 7027 on smp3!
  10. Very nice church. When I return to playing in-game, I will be sure to check out your res!


    EDIT: Oh BTW, your profile pic scares me! :p
  11. V for vendetta, or remember the 5th. Whichever way you want to look at it. :)
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  12. ???
  13. Pretty modest IMO. Feel free to check it out on SMP5. And I'm pretty sure you can tell what res number :)
    Map of Res.png
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  14. Oh.. jeez... I Didn't know which one was yours XD

    -Cchiarell6914 XP
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  15. anonymous?
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  16. I'm a blonde. I don't get it.*
    *Sorry if your a Blonde!
    I really still don't get it :)
  17. Live Map.png

    Residence 6666, SMP3
    Posting this because it looks beautiful from live map.
  18. Go check out my res!... Its a Mega store... SMP9 18193... Tell me what you think about it! Sorry.. its boring... I haven't played in-game in 2 months..(Have my res protected, thanks to Shaun!)
  19. chrome 2012-09-25 17-22-10-62.jpg
    My res, my kingdom :D