+Poof on smp2 is Being Renovated!

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  1. EDIT: +poof is back on smp2! Hello EMC Community!

    My shop at /v +poof on smp2 is temporarily under construction. It is moving to a different lot to reduce the lag that +poof has been notorious for. After swapping residences, we discovered that while res locations and tags stay, shop signs clear themselves. So, for the mean time, most of my chests are out of business.

    As I continue to move things over, you'll be able to gradually buy more. Be patient with me; I work some serious hours IRL and our state has started standardized testing, which means more hours than normal.

    Thankfully, smp2 has plenty of other shops you can support including:
    /v +ssrc
    /v +hsp
    /v apcmagician
    /v 3959

    If you're really itching to support the poofs, feel free to shop at /v +poof on utopia!

    Thanks for everyone's continued support!

  2. I wish you all the best with the moving Poof and if you need help of some sort while I'm around be sure to ask, I'd be happy to help if I can.

    I'll be sure to remember this (as you know its custom on SMP2 to simply answer "/v +poof" to players) and will also try to add this into to the SMP2 +directory.
  3. + poof is FINISHED!
    Come visit! :)
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