[poll/suggestion] Colored Message Signs

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Colored Messages?

Yes! 11 vote(s) 91.7%
No. 1 vote(s) 8.3%
  1. pretty self explanatory. I think it looks bland to just see yellow. If the signs can really read books now, they should at least read in color.
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  2. I agree, I tried it yesterday to see that it didn't work. It would just be a cool little added feature :p
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  3. Well, it was there before, but Aikar changed it to be only staff can use it...
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  4. I was sad when I noticed they removed the colors for this, I don't really get why that was necessary. +1 support
  5. What do you mean signs don't have color anymore? :confused:
  6. I really want it back and we all know I am not getting staff :p.
  7. I don't know, I slipped Akair an Andrew Jackson about 10 minutes ago.
  8. I believe he removed it to prevent regular and iron members practically having coloured res messages.
  9. Well, I understand the RTS one, but he could just make that for diamond and gold supporters only.
    It's the information boards I don't like. It should be color for everyone ;P
  10. Well, the features are from finished, so plenty of changes could be made.
  11. Signs still do. But you used to be able to put a written book under an RTS teleporter and it would read the message from the book along with any color codes used. Now the color codes don't work.
  12. What do you mean putting written books under teleporters? I am so confused. Is this for res messages? Can you explain a little better please?
  13. If you put a written book in a chest below the teleport sign, when you step on the teleport, it displays the text of the book in chat, same goes for buttons.
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  14. Woah, since when was that added? I was on camp yesterday so I don't know if it is a miniupdate. If there was a miniupdate that I did not see, It is awesome. Just like the command block idea I thought of. Now people can make adventure residences and such and make text while it tps you to the same area I guess. To bad this doesn't have color.
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  15. This deserves a good bump.