[Poll] Shoes!

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Which is your Favorite Shoe Brand:

Vans 6 vote(s) 35.3%
Toms 2 vote(s) 11.8%
Converse 9 vote(s) 52.9%
  1. Hello everyone.I'd like to see what you all prefer between These three shoes:

    Click these links to see their pictures!




    In my opinion, I go in that order ^ Vans,Toms then Converse. Some people say Toms are for girls but, they're just like unisex(Except some that look really girly)
  2. Converse :)
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  3. They all seem pretty similar to me lol
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  4. I like vans most! However i normally just wear normal nike/addidas trainers or Hi-tops :p
  5. I have blue vans...
    Not the normal ones :)
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  6. I like vans, getting some soon. Got some Etinies at the moment love them to pieces... Maybe thats coz theyre breaking.
  7. I have some vans, but my favorite shoes are definitely my five fingers.
  8. I wear toms everyday.
    I have 4 pairs of flat toms. one pair of lace up toms (My favoritee)
    and than I have like.. 5 pairs of vans.. 3 pairs are lace up; the other 2 are slip on:)
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  9. *Sees thread about shoes ask this question...*
    Wheres max?
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  10. Shoes go on your feet.
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  11. Oh my god, everything makes sense now; I had been putting them on my hands all these years. I finally see the world for what it truly is. Holy crap, I think I can see the matrix.
  12. All the realisers go through that phase. Welcome to a new world, my brother.
  13. It is very weird realizing that everything I have ever known is equal to cake.
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  14. On your feet really? No wonder I seem short to everyone with them on my knees! :p Oh and converse
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  15. Many realisers say that; it's quite the experience.
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  16. I don't like any of those brans.

    I likes Sperries.
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  17. I just said those brands as they're the most common in my country (Besides Nikes,Puma,Jordan and all that horrible things..)
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  18. Nikes and Pumas are pretty 'in' to wear where I live :p And i've never heard of Toms before...
    I have had a pair of Vans before, but I like Converse the best :p
  19. Random topic... Oh wells.
    I like Toms.
  20. Converse. These are my absolute favorite shoes ever. I have only ever had two pairs. One I got on sale for $10 and they were black and pink, I wore them until they were falling apart. I got these two years ago and still have them. All I did was change the strings.

    I think he says that because you have Vans link for Vans and Converse and the Toms link doesn't work. Or at least on my end it's like that.

    I just searched those online I couldn't wear those unless I got boots with the high tops and the cheapest pair I saw that would fit me is 165.00 uh..no thanks. >.>
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