[POLL] Do you find your internet connection reliable?

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Do you find your internet connection reliable?

Always works 11 vote(s) 35.5%
Sometimes works 6 vote(s) 19.4%
Usually works 10 vote(s) 32.3%
Never works 3 vote(s) 9.7%
potato 1 vote(s) 3.2%
  1. As the title says...

    Do you find your internet connection reliable?
    This is a survey for my class.

    Comment and rant on your internet connection below.
  2. Well for emc it's sometimes OK depending on wich pc I use

    If it's not emc then it's sooper fast
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  3. When you go to load this page and

    I'm going to have to say that it's reliably bad
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  4. Bump... need more data
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  5. When my ISP isn't throttling my connection, yeah, it usually works just fine.

    (Net neutrality anyone...?)
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  6. Sometimes on odd days emc server will randomly lose connection and I always have to restart my PC when entering a new wifi domain or else it just wont connect to the network
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  7. My wifi sucks sometimes it won't connect and even if it does if there are more than 3 people on it it's like i don't even have wifi
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  8. My internet genually speaking doesn't work, and does with really high spikes.
    For EMC, it of course doesn't help that I ma Dutch and therefore the data has to travel a bit longer, but it also fails to work for Dutch servers and websites.
    I'm using wifi from one floor downstairs, that even close to the actual router is reliably bad. I'm working on getting better hardware to make everthiong work :p
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  9. when I had my own at home internet connection it was always throttled by less than half of what I paid for but it was pretty reliable. recently I have been using a business connection which has super fast upload speeds but only about 8-13 down so it meh
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  10. Uk wifi is decent if you have the right plan

    By plan I mean you pay for the speed and it comes close or more to that speed and with BT you can get free upgrades lol I'm not doing an add for them that just who Im with
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  11. I don't Really ever Have Internet problems, That is i am in a town/city so maybe there a good internet here, i dome really know. But if your deep in the country maybe that wouldn't be so good. But over all, all is good!
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  12. My own home:
    Very fast internet, but as of late, it sometimes doesn't work. I think I have this problem once or twice a month.
    My parental home:
    Very slow internet, but since we got the splitter removed about a year ago, never any issues.
    I just did a check, though, to confirm what it felt like when I uploaded a video earlier this week: looks like our upload speed went from 0.64 to 28 Mbps. :eek: It's now significantly higher than the download speed, even. 🤔 I wonder what caused the change.
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