[Poem] Twas' The Night Before Christmas

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  1. Twas' the night before Christmas,
    With everyone asleep,
    No one was stirring,
    Not an IcecreamCow in sight >.>,

    During the day they had got ready for their festive brings,
    With cookies, pumpkin pie and milk,
    Wrapped the presents in prezzie texture chest's
    Swiched off the tree and went to bed

    Aikar has been doing his shopping,
    Getting ready for Max and her wanting,
    She had also got him something,
    A book with on how to ruin the economy

    JackBiggin was in bed thinking of rhyme's,
    But came up with something about,
    Fridges and cars,

    The EMC mods has popped off to sleep,
    While livestreaming on TV.

    No one had thought who brings the gifts,
    Other than 1 jolly guy,
    Big and round all dressed in red,

    He was up in the early,
    Being Australian had it advantages,
    Giving glee to new players of EMC,
    And wishing everyone a merry Christmas,

    Merry Chrstmas EMC. From BunchOfBadgers.
  2. Lovely poem!
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  3. Thank you nfell
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  4. Lol. Thats cool. And yes, being Australian does have advantages. xD
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  5. Merry Christmas! Nice poem!
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  6. I like it too :D
    And your having liking fits again
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  7. Sorry, can't help it :D