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  1. #1 Plugin Big Brother (anti griefing) #2 Something that makes apple trees. And now ideas. Maybe there could be a way to set permissions for only one area like set use perm where a crafting bench is. And also theres a censoring plugin ( you select words and when typed in chat the word become ****) and then people couldnt cus and also like a plugin like that that makes it so you cant have 5 all caps letters in one word/chat line and maybe a portable shop like for food and picks so u type /buyitem <item> so if ur in a cave wit no pick or no sword wih diamonds and no food you dont get screwed over
  2. we have anti griefing measures in place if used right you will never get greifed
    don't give out permissions to just anyone and make sure you remove them if you go offline
  3. it can check who broke/placed blocks and that can be used in mostly wasteland and wild i didnt intend it for use in town but still it COULD be used in town if needed
  4. We have very strong anti griefing measures in place, its called Town where it is impossible to be griefed (unless you allow someone to do it).

    Big brother works great for small servers. First of all it has to keep track of every action, and we are a very busy server (this can start to eat up resources). Second of all it requires a moderator or admin to respond to hundreds of daily user reports. This is all typical behavior to most of the current Minecraft servers out there, it is why they fail at maintaining a large community, and this is why we thought outside of the box. Instead in the Empire we put all of the power into the users hands, it is one of the reasons we have more active players than ANY minecraft server (yes I can back that up). Trying to "big brother" everyone is a flawed approach if you want to have more than a handful of users. All I can say is stop comparing what we do with what other communities have done. Throw away what you think of as a "standard Minecraft server" and embrace the Empire :)
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  5. Hahaha Justin you make me lol, thanks for making my day XD
  6. I never compared the empire to a common minecraft server for the record. i looked at anti griefing plugins and that was the most effective looking one. Just saying that there should be something as protection in wastelad and wilderness too.
  7. Although I will never ever commit a griefing act, my stance on griefing is that it is part of the game... I go about preventing griefing by being careful about where I build in the wasteland and wilderness... infact I actually never build in those places at all... the only surefire way to ensure that my buildings dont get griefed is by building on my res in the town just like Justin said.

    What people need to realise is that yes greifing is a very annoying thing to have happen to them, but they must realise that it is part of the game and it is up to themselves to prevent it. The best way to prevent it on this server is to use "the very strong anti griefing measures" as kindly stated by Justin being the town.

    Justin, this paragraph is for you. I have been made aware of a few people that have been griefed on their res because of a game called "spleef". I understand the reason why the griefing takes place is because people are allowed the "/res pset build" flag. Would it be possible to add in an extra but non mandatory command to this flag to set the area that is allowed to be built on? I'm sure "spleef" owners would be very grateful if you add this in. You dont have to do this know, heck not even at all, all i'm doing is giving you an idea. I know that you have got a lot already on your plate with 1.0, utopia and all, so keep working on that, and thanks for all you work.

  8. I posted the bb thing to try and help and now people are turning on me and destroying my bb idea and giving reasons on why its useless. I thought people would say "Great Idea i think that may work and t should help with the grief problem" but people are saying "Thats whats towns for" "build on your res and dont give perms. problem solved" all i wanted to do is help but aparently my ideas are garbage :(
  9. Don't get down on yourself, I love the fact that people want to contribute. I wasn't saying that big brother is useless, I was just stating why we have never gone that route and why it wouldn't work great for us :) :)
  10. as said by justin "I wasn't saying that big brother is useless," i never pointed any fingers. and every post(still not pointing fingers) has been negative of bb. i said like 5 other ideas and none were commented on. Not trying to be mean but instead of everybody saying bb is bad how bout justin says why they cant us it in technical smartness terms then other people comment on other ideas? in other words and sorry for caps STOP POSTING NEGATIVES ON BB AND MAYBE SAY SOME GOOD STUFF ABOUT MY OTHER IDEAS!
  11. Ok then....

    ~ Your idea of the censoring plugin is great.. however people should swear in chat in the first place, it is not nice and wont be tolerated at all.

    ~ The no more than 5 caps is great. I't would definitely keep the little Cap happy kids at bay :D

    ~ As for the /buyitem, I think what Justin is working on is adding to the current /purchase command. ATM you can only purchase a vault, so this is definitely an idea to be considered.


    Its great to see people like you contributing and offering their ideas. Sorry for my "targeting at you" I just read the first part of your post and started writing, before I knew it I had a pretty lengthy post.

    Keep thinking up these great ideas because theres bound to be one that Justin will realise is pure genious.