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  1. Hey :D A few weeks ago my grade went on an so called 'adventure' around Queensland for a week to feel what its like to be isolated and survive with the resources we had. Where I'm from, we're used to city life with everything we need at our finger tips and don't forget the reception! (I will put in a map at the bottom of the thread to hopefully make it easier for you to understand xD)

    Our journey started at Queensland's capital, Brisbane at the early hours of the morning (3am TT^TT). From there we headed west along the Warrego Highway for the next 10 hours till we reached a park at Charleville for lunch. We didn't stay long as we still had 6 hours of driving ahead of us till our camping spot for a couple of days, Longreach But, we didnt make it in the 6 hours we had so we were forced to camp in a caravan park in Blackall.

    Again, another early wakeup call we packed up and continued on your adventure. Our bus rides consisted of an extreme over-dose of christian music sung which after a while you HAD to switch buses :p Finally, we arrived at Longreach and set up for a 2 day stay. Later we stumbled upon the resident Alpaca, Banjo and his acquaintance Rocky the sheep. I later found out later that night that there were dingos wandering about the camp after one tried to climb my tent >_> The next day we visited a plane museum o3o not very interesting but yeah.

    We reached Winton in a few hours due to no traffic finally ^-^ We headed out into the more remote areas to a mountain to watch the sunset and have dinner around a campfire which was perfect because out there, the temperature drops pretty low TT^TT Before heading up to Cloncurry the next day, we visited an outback dinosaur museum and caving :) Not much interesting but that I, touched a real dinosaur bone! Its the only place in Aust that they have the real bones on display. Some of you may know already that i am extremely claustrophobic and caving aint my cup of tea. These weren't spaceful tunnels, these where ones that in some places you had to suck your gut in just to get past a rock. One of the worst tunnels was called the Whale's Belly because of the twists and turns until you have to come out of its blowhole. I had some trouble with this as some of the turns went down and with long legs its pretty hard xD After a considerable amount of time, I got through with a few rips in my pants ; - ;

    Soon we departed for Cloncurry to visit a WW2 museum and sapphire mining. Not much to say about the muesum but that it had a lot of old stuff. Baded down into the mines, we fossicked in 42oC (107.6oF) for sapphires in the rubble that had just come up. After and hour or 2 of doing that then we headed down into the mines :D After finishing mining we went back to camp to sleep before we had to keep moving. We started heading slowly back home the long way via Townsville alone the coast. We didnt stop alone the way there but I dont quite remember xD

    Thats pretty much all I can remember at this moment xD Thank you for reading through this thing heh. image (1).jpeg image (2).jpeg image (4).jpeg image (7).jpeg
    IMG_0336.JPG Other pictures that wouldnt upload
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  2. Nice trip, as experienced minecraft player, did you found any saphires or diamonds ? ;)

    ( MLP cause never played AC :p )

    haha just joking...
  3. I did a trip a bit like this when I was in year 6... I've always loved the outback, mainly because there's hardly anyone there :p
  4. Many, many Sapphires xD
  5. OH EM GHEEE SO COOL Definitely wasn't told to look at this thread
  6. Now, with your new avatar, you really looks like you 'enjoy' this trip hahaha.