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  1. :) PINESAW CITY :)

    Hello! Lovelyllamaz, Lovelybrookie, and MegHouse (myself) have created an outpost in a secret location on SMP3 and are hoping to get more members! We have spent many long months getting everything situated and ready for the wonderful people of EMC to come join us out here.

    There are a few rules everyone must follow in addition to the rules already put in place by EMC:

    1) ALWAYS have your map on hide while in or going to Pinesaw City! (/map hide)

    2) DO NOT EVER tell anyone the location of Pinesaw City.

    3) Always ask MegHouse, LovelyLlamaz, or LovelyBrookie before building something (If you build something without permission you will be reported for greifing.)

    4) Do not grief or steal
    4.5) As a precaution, put locks on your chests, just in case

    5) If you do get kicked or decided to leave Pinesaw City, after seeing and replying to our pm saying you are out, you have 24 hours to get your items and take down your builds. After your 24 hours is up, anything left in the city becomes ours, no matter what it is.
    5.5) After you are leaving/kicked, REMOVE ALL LOCKED CHESTS!
    6) Please don't be greedy with farms. Only take what is absolutely needed.


    *These Rules are susceptible to change*

    If you want to stay up to date on the rules for Pinesaw City Click Here.

    If you're interest in becoming apart of Pinesaw City all you have to do it fill out this application form (Click Here) It's not hard and you won't regret it! Pinesaw City is a great place to make friends and be apart of something different on EMC.

    If you aren't added to a group pm on here in 48 hours you have not been chosen to join Pinesaw City, but if you are added to one you are officially apart of Pinesaw City!

    Lovelyllamaz, Lovelybrookie, or MegHouse will show you the way to the base on your first trip out! If you have anymore questions feel free to pm MegHouse or Lovelyllamaz! (LovelyBrookie is unavailable)
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  2. i have applied
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  3. I'm going to bump this great outpost I believe it could become the next Carthage
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