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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Biscuitboy, Jul 10, 2013.

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  3. ahhh D: wanted this game since Etho played it.
  4. It't 4 am my time, I have been up continuously refreshing.
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  5. I should get to bed here :eek:
  6. if you give me your email I'll try to get you an account
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  7. like use my email and just email me the password so I can change it later?
  8. Yeah
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  9. nah, i'll just wait for the DDos to end, my email has both my names, but thanks for offering. In return ill like all your posts :3
  10. Haha thanks and no prob.
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  11. Aww it's sad someone is DDosing them, unless it's from the massive amount of people trying to buy the game. Can't wait to get this game \o3o/
  12. Wollay said it was DDos
  13. Haha I was able to get into the site a while ago. I was like "meh no cube world for mac, me no want" and clicked out
  14. Aww, they plan to bring it to mac though eventually.
  15. XD I already got it!!!
  16. Hi Lizard Man....
  17. awww yish!!!
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  18. AWWW I totally want this D;
    (I can do the email thingy I have three ;3)
  19. Do you play Single Player or on a Server?
  20. currently SP, I don't know of any servers I can play on yet =p