Petition to have a Furnace Golem custom mob

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  1. We need more love towards Furnaces, so I think there should be a custom mob that looks like an Iron Golem with a furnace design.

  2. It is impossible to create a new mob like the one you're suggesting without client side mods. The best way to have a Furnace Golem would be to re-texture the iron golem in a resource pack.
  3. You are a traitor to the #FurnaceForce! You lack support to our burning overlords!
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  4. We must create a furnace temple to summon our furnace overlords. It shall light our way.
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  5. We're way ahead of you.

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  6. The temple shall live! Praise be to Furnaces, let their burning light guide us in darkness and hunger!
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  7. #FurnaceForever ;) +Furnace :D
  8. I support #FurnaceForce, but not to the point where I change my skin :p nice petition though ;)
  9. You are not a true supporter then :O

    jk xD
  10. Long Live the Furnace King,Queen, and Creator!
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  11. Hey, I'm in a screenshot!
  12. Hahaha. I don't even know what to say! :p
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  13. #FurnaceForce
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  15. xD
  16. +++++++++++++Furnace I'm supporting!
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  17. For without the almighty Furnace, we would never have gotten very far in MC survival!
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