Personal Portals?

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  1. no thank you
  2. Be a little more specific, I don't quite understand what your saying.
  3. yea u make a regular nether portal...dig one of the blocks directly underneath it and put the players name u want it to go to on the first or second line...i forgot which :)
  4. But how would I make it go to the Nether? Ok, crick, that pic scares me. xD
  5. In town, you can't make a portal to the nether, only to town spawn / another residence in the same server.

    You can only make a portal to the nether in the wilderness. 8 blocks in the wild = 1 block in the nether.
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  6. Lol, I tried it one time to, wasted 10 pieces of obsidian...
  7. Nether portals that tele to res's. Normal? Question mark?