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  1. Hey fellow empire minecraftians! I bought a Penny Board 1 week ago and yesterday i rid it in the rain, but when i got home i dryed it off, took off the wheels and dried them out, then put a little spray of oil on the bearings. today i woke up and spun the wheels, they were all abit tight untill i kept spinning em, exept one is still pretty hard to spin and it makes a weird noise, any1 know why?
  2. Does any1 know what the problem is???
  3. Whats a penny board?
  4. I would suspect a bit of dirt got into the bearings and is making it tough to spin and a may make a grinding noise.
    Depending on how rough you were with it, you may have crushed a component in the bearing, causing the same issue as above.
  5. It's a skateboard, I think?
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  6. :D it a small skateboard, they are awesome, thx shaunwhite :D do you have one? and btw i was riding it in the wet so it probably has something in it, but i did dry it out with an air compressor, and a rag...
  7. Was it a cheap one?
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  8. no, it is a real penny board, it was $150 (australian money)
  9. I don't have one, despite my name :p
    But i do have a fair amount of experience with high-end bearings in roller blades.
    I would advise repeat 'clean, dry and lubricate' until it is completely free of the obstruction. In the case where it doesn't come free you may need to buy new bearings as you could have possibly cracked/broken a ball in the bearings. :)
    It is never recommended to skate in the wet though for this reason :p
    Also, check youtube for other cleaning procedures if the current one isn't working.
  10. That's, uh, pretty cool actually.
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  11. ok thx, i was thinking of buying better bearings anyway :p and they still spin exept they arent as good as b4 :p
  12. i really dislike penny boards i use a fat board and i use a regular board good for tricks
  13. never ride any skateboard in the rain/water it ruins the bearings btw i cant seem to do an ollie i think it my feet i just cant seem to do it ive been trying for 4 years i can only pull off a small jump not even that good...
  14. lol, i cant ollie, the only trick i can do is 180 :p but this is my 1st ever skateboard and ive had it for 1 week :p and yeah i think im gonna buy new better bearing, and make sure i wash em well and take care of em :)
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  15. I have only had 2 boards ever, one was a wide wooden board my uncle made and the other we went to walmart and paid $10. They lasted pretty well considering the home made was old as heck when my sister and I were using it. I have horrid balance so they basically became like Luges for my sister and I, we would sit on them and ride them down the road in the graveyard infront of our house because there was hardly any traffic there. I think my parents would crap themselves if I paid $100 for one. I see that those are plastic, when I think plastic I think of the cheap plastic stuff that breaks xD. What are those like? Are they hollow or solid? etc.
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  16. i dont thinks its plastic actually, but it is very very solid and hard to snap, a car can roll over them and it still doesnt break, although no1 would recomend it :p and i didnt know how to ride a skateboard but i learnt by myself in about 10 mins :D
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