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  1. Hello! I'm Peanut52 of Peanut's Real Estate and as you can probably tell I build houses and sell them to people like you EMC members! I mostly build small homes and avoid long time consuming structures. Here are some photos of some of my builds and my satisfied customers! If you need to get in contact with me for a build you can find me on smp3, just message me and we can talk!

    Here are some photos of my work

    Contact me through the forums or on SMP3 if you would like a house!
    Or you can come to /v 7411, 7265, 7125, or 7263
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  2. Those are really nice houses. Good job with them.
  3. Thanks <3
  4. Could you do a whole village?
  5. Actually most of those pics are form my village that I built, I could probably build a few buildings for you to get started but I might not be able to do the whole thing! Msg me on smp3 or forum msg me for more details <3
  6. Thanks