paying some one to build a automatic farm

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  1. i am looking for some one to add an automatic feature to the farm i have. i will pay well if it works.
    mt res is 8964 smp4 if u want to look at it.

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  2. I could build you one that i would have to adjust your farm... I would be willing to do it for cheap but yes i would need to adjust your farm for the Way i have seen them work... And by automatic you mean by a click of a button it will auto remove all crops if so then yes i can do that.
  3. I can do it too...depending on how much you will pay for resources.

    Higher cost-more efficiency (as many sticky pistons as tilled soil on your farm)
    lower cost-less efficiency(as many sticky pistons as number of rows on your farm)
  4. k if ur editing the farm thats fine i will pay u well once the job is done i will give u the flags needed and plz dont grief. :)
  5. If you want a showcase on how to build the best farms possible - let me know.

    I wont build it for you thought, but can show you how to make them efficient.
  6. Show me, please :D I've been looking through tutorials, but haven't found one that I can easily understand. If you can explain or direct me to a decent set of blueprints, I would be eternally grateful. I'd like to do a push-button melon harvester.
  7. To many any further progress i will need 10 pistons
  8. regular or sticky
  9. I have an automatic wheat farm on my residence tat uses one piston and one bucket of water, plus red stone.
  10. Let me know when your online