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  1. If you plan on hosting an event, to help keep things organized, and easier for other users to understand, we ask that few guidelines are remembered. This post will help you in making a post announcing your event, and while ensuring you have this information, it should also make sure your event is planned properly and efficiently.

    Thread Title/Event Title: Your thread title should look as follows: '[EVENT] Event Name'

    Have a name for your event. Try to keep it original and exciting to draw in more readers. An Event Name will be the first thing the forum users will see, you want them to want to continue to read the thread and get more information, so title is important.

    Event Type: This field is recommended but not necessarily required, due to some events not exactly falling under any predetermined category. Some suggested categories are 'Drop Party' and 'Contest'. It is important to know before posting your event what exactly it is.

    Event Description: This is where you would describe your event. It is recommended you have at least 2 - 3 sentences that can explain your event. If you do not know enough information about your planned event to create that many sentences, please continue to plan and develop more details about your event before posting. Your description is important, people will look at this section and learn more about your event, all of your important details should be located here.

    Event Time/Date: All events need to have a set date and time. If you do not have definite dates and time, please decide on one before posting.

    Due to the global exposure of EMC, there are many different time zones that users are located in. The Event Planner needs to be able to answer what time their event will held in the respective time zones. It is not required to list all time zones in this field, just have a time set, and be prepared to answer questions like 'What time is that Central time?' or 'What is that in GMT+0600?'

    Event Location: Where your event will be held. If you are hosting an event such as a contest, this section is not required. For any in game events, please use this section.

    There are many different type of locations you can use. If it is held on a lot, please specify a server and lot number. If it is a server wide contest please specify the server. An example: 'SMP9 - Lot # 18003'. This section is important. If you do not have a location for your in game event, please wait until you have one before posting your event.

    Prizes: If your event is one that will have prizes of some sort (contest, race, Olympics, etc) Please specify those prizes here. If you receive donations to contribute to those prizes, please update the thread after donations as often as possible. If you have guaranteed prizes, you are bound to deliver them. Do not use your planned event to 'scam' others out of items and time. This will result in punishment. If your event has mentioned prizes, but you do not have any to list, please wait until you have some prizes to give before posting. This qualifiaction is for the interest of the event. If you say 'There will be prizes, but I do not have any yet', you could lose potential participants. Please have this section planned before posting.

    Donations: If you would like donations, please say so here. You will need to specify your donation type, whether it be money or materials. If you need a donation of a location, then you do not need to post here, please discuss in game with people you know to arrange locations if one is needed. Please do not beg for donations. Do not expect more than what you need. If you are hosting a contest, please have a system on redistributing the donations among the prize winnings, do not put the donations in your pocket. It is not very respectful of the people who donate to you for the Event.

    Front Page Qualifications: This is not a section, so please do not place it in your event thread, but please read it as a guideline on details.

    Not every event will wind up on the front page. This is not because your event is not important. If staff feel that the event is large enough and planned well enough to be placed on the front page, it will go there. You must request a front page placement with a CM for it to be eligible. If it belongs on the front page, it will be placed there. If you have followed the above guide, and your event is correctly organized and shows good planning, your chances of getting front page consideration are much higher.

    Other Notes: This is not a section, so please do not place it in your event thread, but please read it as a guideline on details.

    If your event has been planned well enough to fill out the above criteria fully, you should be well enough off to host a successful event. We acknowledge, as staff, that there are many different kinds of events that can arise. Do not feel that the this guide is here to limit you, if you have more information or criteria to post, Please Post It! The more information you can deliver about your Event, the better.

    Please do not post 'impromptu' events. If your 'time' section is listed as 'in 42 Minutes' your event thread will be closed, or you will be approached by a staff member to please plan your event more before posting.

    After event is complete (the event has ended, and you have posted on its success/status, such as posting screenshots of the event after it is over) please contact a staff member via Conversation to request your thread closed. This is to avoid other players in the future posting on your event and confusing others with other active events. If a staff member is not online on the forums at the time, please message me, I browse the forums a lot, and will happily close/moderate the thread once I log in.

    Please enjoy hosting your events! This guide is for you! The Event Planner. For those that have ideas, but have been worried about posting, this will help you. As mentioned before, if you can fill all the criteria here, your event more than meets the basic requirements to really host a successful event.

  2. If anyone has any questions, or suggestions for additions please mention them below. If you make a suggestion, after is considered/added, it will be deleted from this thread to keep it nice and tidy. :)
  3. Really nice guide SMOOCH, that should keep them spammy event threads :)
  4. Nice, but you should add a reference to timeandate.com
    Creating an event is great at timeanddate.com since it shows the time for alot of cities over the world :)
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  5. :D nice
    awsome pawsome
  6. I am done with my first post, my 100th day drop party. Could you please remove it?
  7. I accadently posted a auction for a double chest of enderpearls in comunnity events, could you please remove it? I created another auction for the same thing in community auctions following all the rules of the guide. Thanks, rosy2696
  8. Go to the Home page, then scroll down to where "Staff Online Now" is then send a message to one of them. They will help you, Rosy.
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