Party With Aikar

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  1. Today there was quite a long party which started when me and Matheus went to the admin lounge!
    I summoned the Aikar and he gave us all container perms and put on the Cat Disc(requested by me)
    I gave away So many cookies(about 12 stacks)
    The Bats are Batmeghs minion which she had Aikar spawn 159 of them(Really)
    The First Picture! Best Minecraft ServersClose-Up of Aik
    Best Minecraft Servers
    IcC posingBest Minecraft Servers
    Another Party Scene Best Minecraft Servers
    After we left the admin lounge Aikar was showing a kid how to harvest melons faster... with TnT Best Minecraft Servers
    Well... Best Minecraft Servers
    Then we tried Aikars now PvP server Max had alot of fun Best Minecraft Servers
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  2. Maxarias loves fire :confused:
  3. Seems like fun. I could never participate in something like this, because it always happens when I'm sleeping. Damned timezones. :p
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  4. Really? The one day I actually go out and do something this happens?!
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  5. Take every chance you can! that's why i never leave my house :p