Paco Land

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  1. Paco Land is a new gamer attraction site on SMP3. It is located at /v 6927. It includes an all-out hellish roller coaster with a peaceful end. With also a mysterious fortune teller. Prices are cheap, but the rides are high-quality. We are currently hiring since we are adding new attractions. To apply for a job here, just reply to this topic post or private messgae me. The application format will be at the bottom of this post.

    Roller coaster prices:
    Normal 1 ride: 10r Normal unlimited: 100r
    Advanced 1 ride: 20r Advanced unlimited: 200r!

    Fortune Teller prices:
    1 fortune: 5r

    More rides and activities will be added to Paco Land periodically!

    Job Application:

    In game name:
    Time on server(How long you have been on the server since you started):
    Do you have Skype?(If so post Skype name):
  2. In game name: <
    Name: Josh
    Age: 13
    Time on server: Erm? If you mean since joined, a week and a half
    Job: I can do both
  3. You are accepted, you can be the Roller coaster ticket collector, congratulations!
  4. In game name: Terr
    Name: Dylan
    Age: 16
    Time on server: 50 days
    Job:I can do whats left
  5. In game name:Mantle251
    Time on server: EveryDay
    Job: Anything
  6. In game name: AlexHallon
    Time on server:If you mean how long time I have been on it, its 2 weeks.
    If you mean how much I play on it, its every day.
    Job: Anything is okay.
  7. You have been hired, you are now the archery ticket collect/arrow and bow giver, congrats!
  8. In game name: molson15
    Name: Chandler
    Age: 16
    Time on server: 1 month- 50 days
    Job: Fortune teller
  9. ive been there, and let me say, its great. and paco, you owe me a mushroom stew cause i bought so much iron. :p jk.
  10. Hmm, sounds very interesting! I will be sure to pop over when I am next on smp3! Cya round :)
  11. Paco Land has just added a new game to their amusement park: Archery
  12. Okay so should i go to your res?
  13. In Game Name: GameKribDuck
    Age: 15
    Time on server: Four months
    Job: Ride tester and editor
  14. Yes, go to my res. When are you on, I never see you on?
  15. I play on SMP1 I'm always on
  16. Oh, well, Paco Land is on SMP3
  17. In game name: MiniNinja117
    Name: Frank
    Age: 13
    Time on server: 1 hr or less per day
    Job: Any
  18. In game name:KraaZe_Gb
    Time on server:a week
  19. You are hired, congrats!