Overwatch Live Streaming ~ Every Saturday @ 9pm EMC time

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  1. Overwatch has become a vast addiction for many players,including Potato & myself. We have decided every Friday at 9pm EMC time PeculiarPotato will be streaming myself & him over on his beam channel (here). Somedays we might be having guests including HxCami10 (here) & Sachrock.We hope you enjoy watching us "Git Gud" & who knows maybe we will even run emc giveaways will waiting for matches to load. #TeamMercy

    Edit: Cami would like to remind everyone that if you subscribe to both his & potatoes beam channels youll be able to see when we stream this/other things for EMC.
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  3. If it ever goes for a nice price on sale, I might get it. Until then, Team Fortress 2 <3
  4. if you dont buy origins its currently $40. Origins is basically all cosmetic stuff that isnt even for the game except a few outfits RIP
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  5. Only $40 bucks? Well, paint me blue and call me Jim. That isn't that bad of a price. I'll sit on it.
  6. Honestly after playing it till 2am I would recommend it but I would also recommend to make sure you have friends who play it because its fun to play alone but WAY better with people you can call egg when they mess up.
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  7. I agree that it is way better to play with your friends, so that you can carry them :p

  8. Gotta love when people keep yelling I NEED A HEAL and they have full health
  9. beam and not twitch DansGame