OverClocked ReMix: for any VGM fan

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  1. So about... a week ago I was watching a no-hit run of Sonic 3 and there was an analysis of the level at the end of each video. There was always a music track accompanying the level, a really good one at that. I ended up finding the source of one of these songs, and that led me to what might be one of the best music sites on the Internet. I present to you...

    OverClocked ReMix

    Now what is OverClocked ReMix? Surely you have all listened to a remix of a VGM before, but they usually just add a few instruments to the main track. Not at OCReMix. As they said on their own site, OCReMix is about reinterpretations of the music, often in a completely different style. You can find a ton of music there (though it mostly seems to be older music (the better music)). To see the quality of these songs, I suggest you look up Project Chaos (remix of Sonic 3 & Knuckles).

    All the music here is free, so you can download whatever you want. A good chunk of it seems to be delivered in .FLAC too, for all you audiophiles.