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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by zzbell, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Hi, I noticed that some people have left their res's for more than 10 days but they haven't been taken back. I was just wondering why?
  2. just because a player isnt on your server for 10 days, doesnt mean they havent logged onto a different one, logging into ANY emc server, including utopia, will keep your res outta the derelict policy.
  3. oh ok thanks!
  4. You are best of checking on the site if people have been off line or not because the derelict policy isnt working properly atm i've spoken to some admins about this, if you want the res they are on just check the members roster and if they have been off line speak with a senior staff member
  5. Lots which have gone over 10 days don't automatically get wiped, but are merely added to the derelict list after this time. The lots on this list are then reclaimed when more vacant ones are required for new players on the server (oldest reclaimed first, newer ones last). This is why you will sometimes find lots going for 20+ days derelict and not being claimed yet.
    If you have your eye on one, and it has been over 10 days, feel free to contact a staff member to see if it is unclaimable for you. :)
  6. If you want to see player info type /p(playername) in the chat box
  7. I mean with a space between p and player