Ore Shop on SMP1

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  1. Hi, please support my new shop at lot 954 on SMP1 - I buy and sell most ores and ingots & only take small margins to keep the prices fair :) It's only a small shop as I can't afford much stock at the moment but hopefully will get a bigger range of items over time.

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  2. Special offers at the moment -

    1728 Redstone dust for 5k
    Diamonds in stock 55r each

    As well as a nice selection of ingots, gems and building blocks :)
    I also buy all the above for really fair prices too!
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  3. Sounds good, I'll stop by later today as I'm in need of some ores :D
    Keep it up :)
  4. Thanks _Stads_ any trade is welcome, it's difficult to get started :)
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