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  1. Alright, this is my personal opinion about enforcing the rules and how it is now versus how it used to be when I first joined about two years ago.

    First, Enforcing the rules;
    These days on EMC, the rules are enforced way too heavily, I'm not talking about griefing or scamming, I'm talking about small offences like Spamming and not using the proper chat.

    Example- Today I was on SMP3 and a new player used two or three extra exclamation mark, two members proceeded to jump on this player for spamming, quite harsh for a player on a few hours old that had no idea what they had done.

    Example 2- A player (if I remember correctly about one week old) was looking for cobblestone, but was using town chat to do so, again I see more players jump on that player for not using eco chat.

    This has to stop, new players can find this way over the top and way too strict, essentially turning them away from the server for good because a few players felt the need to be harsh on someone for breaking one of the smallest rules on EMC. I myself spend a lot of time recruiting new players to the server, and I would hate to see one of them turned away by that.

    Second, how things used to be vs now;
    Back in early 2014, as far as I can remember, no one was ever this strict about the rules on EMC. If someone were to spam, they would be politely warned, if they continued they would be reported and muted by a staff member. But now, as far as I have seen players neglect to report the player, instead continue with the harsh approach against the new players.

    In short, EMC has turned way too serious, treating it self like a sponge and squeezing a lot of the fun out of the server, replacing it with seriousness and over-moderating.

    This is my opinion, feel free to counter this or point out other things.
  2. I think punishment needs to be harsher for things such as spamming, but that's just my opinion.
    "Two or three" exclamation marks is not spam. Tell those members to read the rules themselves before correcting others... I find people correcting others of the rules without knowing them themselves to be quite annoying.
    There's a difference between "jumping on" someone and politely reminding them of the rules... the second one isn't an issue; there's no problem with friendly reminders every now and again. Everyone needs one once in a while.
  3. If it was politely I wouldn't have a problem with it.
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  4. Interesting, from my experience EMC isn't strict enough with regards to chat. On many accounts I've witnessed players spamming repeatedly after being warned and continuing to do so over the course of weeks and even months before any real action is taken (more than a few minute mute).
  5. I have not seen this at all, quite the opposite actually. There are two rule nazis on smp7 and any time they try to direct someone from spamming when it is something like a couple extra characters I link them the rules in pm and tell them to stop harassing people. then begin to shame them in chat channel that they tried shaming the new people in. It has gotten a lot better. Not nearly as much: OMGAWD you used three ooo's. My response goes something like this: "Saying: I looooove that is similar to saying I LOVE that. It is adding emphasis not spamming. Now we are engaged in a conversation that is annoying everyone when you could have just /ignore player if it really bothered you." These particular players I could ignore as well but they have been an ongoing problem with new players so I refrain from ignoring them for the benefit of the new players. Rarely do I see anyone calling staff about spamming unless it is completely antagonistic and obnoxious spamming. As far as the e chat goes. The whole e chat doesn't make any sense anyways so why get yourself all worked up over it? I would just advise new players to /ignore those people in public chat so they can see that they are just being rude.
  6. Why would you want staff to be strict in chat? There is the infamous [REMOVED BY STAFF] that lives/lived on my server for a long time. /ignore (playername) fixed that. I'm not sure anyone on the server could hear him lol.
  7. This is more aimed at players mini-modding other players.
  8. Moreover being hash...

    New players nowadays are the younger generation

    Ex: I was introduces to minecraft of my late 7th grade year.

    I wouldnt be surprised if in todays age, the even younger generation is joining in due to minecraft being well known. We (Including myself) as the older players should respect their differences and use friendly criticism than to be negitive and saying "I am right, if you disrespect me I will report." Definitly lead them to follow the rules but dont insta report for chat reports especially new players. They arent well seasonen to emc customs. We all make mistakes like using eco chat other than eco or adding more explanation points. They are easy fixes and doesnt need to be made a big deal.

    This was typed on my phone those are my points now.
  9. In my opinion, the staff members have gotten a lot more lenient. :)
  10. Very true!

    I can relate to a player being rude and not stopping being rude to staff or members. It took about 15-20 minutes before he was muted when a staff member was eyewhitnessing everything. (Will not add names)
  11. Gawadrolt, while I agree with you about the over emphasis on the spamming and the way those people may be handling it, I can't say that you are helping. I do understand that you want to let them know that they are being way too harsh but shaming anyone in public is never a good way to go... you are basically doing to them what you're upset about them doing to others. :( They may legitimately feel they are doing the right thing.... maybe someone else did the same to them. That doesn't make it right.. they need to be show the respectful way to engage. We are a wonderful richly diverse community and like any community we have differences of opinions. Awesome! but also that can be challenging but working it out is so much more rewarding than the not. UUUgh, I feel like I'm rambling.. but the whole thing I'm really trying to say is ... Lighten up a bit and help those that may not know that 'Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo' isn't really something we encourage in the chat.
    Oh, hey! they where trying to sell stuff outside the econo channel! --> try letting them know that there really is a place for them to sell stuff to the folk who would really like to know about it and how to do it.

    It all comes down to this.. Wouldn't you like to be treated kindly? Yeah, me too. :) I've always found that my day is so much better when I meet someone with a kind word.

    I want to apologize if I was rambling but I think you may get me point. *hugs* all around
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  12. I have to disagree with some of your views of the rule enforcement. Take this from a veteran player, the rule enforcement is actually much more lenient than it was before Aikar took control. A couple years back, for example, enforcement was so strict that even saying "you suck" was worthy of an instant kick.
    Anyway, the rules are the rules, and it's actually to the majority's favor that many of these rules that you oppose to are in place. They bring a sense of control and order to the community.
  13. I do not remember the last time I have heard the staff are TOO HARSH :confused:

    The answers are mostly "not harsh enough" or "perfect".
  14. There are some people that you just can't reason with. I also don't agree on the public shaming bit. There are so many amazing cultures that embrace this practice and accomplish amazing things because of it. The culture of our grandparents and great grandparents embraced these ideas as well and well... they kind of built the most prosperous country in the world. Besides, I think you took that idea and ran with it. I don't sit and constantly harp on people in town chat or try and police those that do.

    There ARE people, specific people, that just take it too far and continue to no many how times you ask/tell them to ease up or what not. At that point public shaming is pretty much the recourse you have. Or to try to call staff into a complicated engagement where there is no clear cut problem or rule breaking, just some people provoking an atmosphere of frustration.

    I honestly believe that if you go back about a month or so and look at the new player retention on SMP7 versus that of past couple of week you will see a positive trend. The interaction was not helpful rule enforcement. It was antagonistic and frustrating. I have definitely called on staff to help me in the past. I try not to make a thing of it. When I do I try and make sure its for a valid reason though, not just because I'm annoyed. :D

    Edit: oh I left that last part of the quote in too. I am all to often guilty as well ;)

    Second edit:It did seem you were saying the staff ncc but the latter of your post was clearly about people in chat and not the staff. All in all it wasn't very clear, I think that is why you are getting the mixed bag feedback.
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  15. This was not directed towards staff, more towards mini-mods.
  16. "Mini-mods" are basically players that act like mods when they aren't - reminding people of rules, etc.
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  17. A lot of the EMC community are mini-mods, ruins fun.
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  18. Oh, so in other words, 15 year old me. As much as they are fun ruiners, they can be helpful sometimes.
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  19. In the famous words of caden: eh?