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  1. This is a creative writing thread. It starts off with a single sentence that people build upon. Regular EMC Rules apply.
    I just spoiled your mind.

    Here is the first sentence:

    Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a species on the verge of being totally, entirely, completely wiped out by something incredibly, horrendously horrible.
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  2. These...monsters just appeared one day, grizzly beasts, black as night with eyes that could only be described as death incarnate.
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  3. They had a hunger.
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  4. They had a hunger so agonizing they would double over with the pain, the hunger took over their minds and what little humanity they still had left...
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  5. Realizing this was starting to feel too much like a zombie apocalypse, they quickly came to their senses and regained their humanity - but not before the aliens arrived, armed with ray guns, probes, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  6. I think this is going to be interesting :p
    I hope it goes well!
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  7. Seeing no other options, the people started dancing the Mamba; for they knew that if they could make themselves seem undesirable, the aliens would flee back to their corner of the galaxy.
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  8. Unfortunately the aliens were recruiting Mamba dancers for the intergalactic dance competition and because humans are the best at dancing Mamba in the universe they chose them.
  9. Little did they know they were planning a mamba dance attack.
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  10. Meanwhile, Switzerland, in the land of the ice and snow, far more important and definately pressing matters were at hand; the sacrifice begins...
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  11. Fire and stakes... and delicious hamburgers, ready to be cooked!
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  12. As was customary to feed the people that were meant to die, however something very bad happened just before the sacrificial people were to be dropped into the icy cave of the Thlristlnal...
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  13. As if aliens and dancers weren't bad enough Jotuns began spilling from the ancient cave.
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  14. You may be thinking, "What are Thlristlnal and Jotuns?" but the real question is what aren't they?
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  15. back to the story-the lord alien Katonog descended upon the earth in her battle ship, she raised her sword and....
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  16. with one swift motion of the blade giant robots rained from her ship to the planet below.
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  17. The mamba-dancing humans, enthralled by the aliens' superior choreography and magnificently crafted PB&J sandwiches, were oblivious to the chaos about to erupt.
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  18. The battle of the ages was about to commence...
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  19. All of a sudden, through all the chaos, broke through a moment of chilling stillness.
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  20. and Katonog opened her eyes, the apocalypse of a thousand empires lay crumbled within and then...the humans started to scream....
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