Old Holland!! check it out

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  1. So i made this little town called Old Holland, please check it out at 9451 smp4

    2012-04-08_12.27.36.png 2012-04-08_12.27.42.png 2012-04-08_12.28.02.png 2012-04-08_12.28.12.png 2012-04-08_12.28.17.png 2012-04-08_12.28.21.png 2012-04-08_12.28.26.png 2012-04-08_12.28.36.png 2012-04-08_12.28.53.png
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  2. Too bad I can't go on any servers without trying to get in like 10 times. Once I get into SMP1 were I live (in minecraft lol) I won't leave it very fast... Once Minecraft login is fixed I'll see it! :D I liked the screenshots though :p
  3. That is amazing.
    What texture are you using.
    It really give the town a cool look:D
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  4. I am going to check this out, looks awesome, nice job!
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  5. Thanks it would be awesome if you could take a look, and please tell me what you think of it when you visited