Okay.. where is my items?

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  1. So I was in the nether and I ended up falling from a high spot by accident I land and die. I was already ticked off but got back to where I died and found some of my items on the ground I picked them up but a pigman was wearing part of my armor. I disconnect to get my friend to come help me kill him so I can get my armor back at least (and whatever else he has on him) I log back in and the pigman is no where to be found.

    Wtf? Mobs who have items they pick up aren't allowed to despawn in minecraft so where did this pigman go? Did Aikra mess with the code so that they still can despawn without me knowing? Cause im seriously annoyed if thats the case cause I already lost some valuable items I don't expect to get them back if they were destroyed in fire or lava but when I see a pigman with iron armor right where I died and is walking around and I log out and come back and hes gone then that's unfair.

    So where is my items?
  2. I never heard of anything, that monster dont respawn because they wear armor. When ever I disconnect/reconnect everything around me is despawnt (if Im only one there)
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  3. i would understand if it was dia armor but really, complain about iron armor?
    The reason your stuff was taken is because a mob picked it up. once a mob acquires an item, it is no longer able to be picked up.
  4. Where is your stuff? Gone. Don't blame Aikar :p Though I am greatly sorry for your loss.
  5. You guy's aren't getting what he's getting at here, if a mob picks up you're armour it is treated as a passive monster and is not allowed to despawn, Aikar must have changed a piece of code.
  6. How long were you off for? Somone else may have killed it when they passed by?
  7. Well first off when you really far away from spawn.. and lose your only pair of armor with enchantments on it specific for your situations then yeah its a big deal. And in vanilla minecraft when a mob picks up any items the way the game is coded is that they don't despawn no matter what. Not all mobs pick up items but some do and those that pick up anything be it a flower, armor, ect whatever they aren't allowed to despawn and so that way you can get your items back. after you kill them. Thats why I got my friend for help so that one could kill the pigman and get the stuff and in case there were angry pigmen I would have backup.
  8. There is no possible way for that to happen. I died on an island with lava around most of it and no other players other then my friend nearby my friend however had disconnected before hand because he wanted to make sure I could get my stuff within 5 minutes. I saw the pigman logged out logged into another server asked him to log back in for back up and logged out and back onto the server. Less then 30 seconds tops. Even if it was days.. the pigman isn't allowed to despawn in vanilla minecraft once it has an item its caring that it picked up. Iv seen it on every other server that hasn't messed with the code. If I would have known about this before hand I wouldn't have logged out and just got a sword and killed the pigmen myself. So its not my fault for losing that armor. If it fell into lava or fire I wouldn't be as upset but since it didn't and a zombie pigman picked it up I should have been able to get it back.

    I also had other items that were much more valuable in my possession that it probably had.
  9. So, I'm pretty sure the entity limiter is what got you here. It will despawn monsters that are not in range faster than vanilla does, but it does not check if a mob has persistence set.

    I am modifying the code to fix this.
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  10. Good to know it's being fixed Aikar.
  11. Yeah cause if I die or something next to a mob and they are one of the few that pick up items and I come back not only is it more difficult to kill them with the added armor/ect but I would at least have a chance to get my stuff back. If there wasn't a pigman there that could pick up stuff my stuff probably would have still been in a small pile there with the rest of my stuff I only got 1/4th the stuff back and it was just the junk I would have been okay with losing.