ok so i have been saving up.. and idk what to get

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  1. well i have been saving up for a gopro but then i thought to get a skimboard then i saw this good green surfboard then i saw a skateboard i really want but then i saw a awsome paintball gun please only awnser if you live near the beach idk what to get
  2. Hmm, a skateboard, you can always skate anywhere, you should get a surfboard or the paintball gun.
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  3. ok ty on advice
  4. Paintball gun... only cause paintball is fun.
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  5. ok well 1 vote for surfboard, 1 for paintball
  6. I live half an hour away from one beach, and then there is an awesome beach 1 hour away. Perfect bodyboarding waves. I go there every weekend. I love bodyboarding, I bought my own bodyboard while I was away. You say you like to surfboard, hm? I would say a surfboard. You're like me with bodyboarding xD
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  7. paintball gun :3
  8. Skateboard, there aren't any good surfing beaches near me, so I've never tried surfing, and I hate paintball, low pain tolerance. Even Airsoft is a bit much for me.
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  9. i dont live by the beach but SkateBoard! :) it is easy to store....Good to travel around the Beach.. Fun!
  10. Hmm i live across the street from the beach so i love surfing so i'd get a new surfboard
  11. ok so 4 for surfing, 2 for paintball gun, 1 for skateboarding
  12. Hmm, I would say a paintball gun, because I can...

    Off-Topic: your post is not green
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  13. Shouldn't you have made a poll?
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  14. i should have but i forgot to so now i cant... :\
  15. The SMP1 Casino opens on friday ;)
  16. You know the beauifull thing. I is called the edit button.
  17. that is random, off topic, and advertising bannable.
  18. GoPro, I have one and they are the best! :)
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  19. Skateboard, or a new computer with a skateboarding game.