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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DemonThunder345, Mar 5, 2015.

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  1. Ok ok since some people think ive been mean lately Ill stop being mean. But im still going to troll people since its fun :D
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  2. lol
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  3. tbh its a bit annoying
  4. Bro is right. You've been posting tons of irrelevant things across the forums and it really makes me think that you are immature, especially since you are not new. You should know EMC's rules by now.
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  5. Trolling is immature and annoying. So is spamming the forums
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  6. but its fun
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  7. Not for us. Or basically anyone else.
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  8. but it is for me
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  9. It may be for you, but it is not convenient for anyone else and that is why we suggest you stop now before it gets out of hand.
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  10. well your a fun one
  11. Seriously. What they all said above is right. This may not end well for you if you continue with these irelevant and annoying trolling posts. As cadenman said, it makes you look immature. Seriously. Quit it.
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  12. fine
  13. Let him get himself banned. He has had countless chances, and is only trying to appear like he is compromising so that he can keep trolling.
  14. -.-
  15. He is right actually. No need for the '-_-'
  16. Bud, it's not worth it to get a bunch of people mad just for your personal humor. Go do that somewhere else and don't be immature here because it won't get you anywhere except off this server with how much you have been posting insanely random things. I don't want to be a Debby downer but it's just plain dumb to do this
  17. and me. the whining is spam: whaaaa whaaa. that doesn't really do anything but annoy people either.
    Thank you for not being a stiff demon. This community isn't exactly boring but I don't see why a jokester wouldn't be welcomed. In fact, almost everyone on here that has been here for any time has some prank/joke that they do almost to a fault.

    Irrelevant is a term people keep coming up with but all of your posts I have seen so far(haven't went and looked for ALL of them but between this one and, I'm new) are in the place they should be, "general/community discussion" I haven't seen a ton of posts and the ones that you have made haven't been like 3-5 posts in a row or spam, just fun. If people have nothing better to do then whine about your humor, that's on them. I have yet to see you break one rule or see a mod get on you.
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  18. Well... I just found a place where staff got on you and you broke a rule... so... I guess there is that. Dc of diamonds man... Its only like what? 345k come on you can pay that off

    Edit: I would be willing to bet that you could get it cheaper with a reverse auction... I would bet 500 rupees though as I'm not too confident in that statement but it would be worth a try XD
  19. Joking/trolling are 100% allowed as long as it is not negatively joking/trolling. This is meant to be a negative trolling measure, he admitted it earlier but then deleted the status chain off his profile. -_-
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