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  1. My name is SnuggleGlasses! I'm pretty bad at introductions, so I'm not sure what to type... My old name was DoubleGlasses, but I made an impulse decision to change it! Hmm... What else... I've been playing Minecraft since August 2013, so I guess I'm still a bit of a noob ;). I have a small bit of experience with community/economy servers, so hopefully I don't bother you all with TOO many questions. Ugh, I hate introductions. I have no idea what else to say, so I'm just gonna go ahead and end it here. See ya in game!
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  2. Snuggums!

    Ha, ha, ha, nice meeting you here. Kinda surprised to see you two double's (such a fitting name) sneaking up on us earlier this evening 8)

    You'll notice that a lot works different here and other things feel quite the same. May take getting used to, it's not for everyone (let's be honest, different players, different preferences) but even so there's always something to do around somewhere (9 different servers; don't like one, hop onto the other).

    Hit me up sometime when you're around and I'll show you around waste (think "ether") & frontier (survival building world) if you like :)

    SO yah, nice chatting with you :cool:
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  3. Welcome to the Empire SnuggleGlasses. :)
  4. Welcome to EMC.

  5. Thank you, thank YOU, and thank you. :D
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  6. Welcome to EMC! What /smp are you currently on?
  7. I'm trying (and failing) to set up on smp1 atm :p
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  8. Nice! Good luck! Always feel free to ask any questions; the community is really nice and helpful here. :)
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  9. Welcome to the empire and I hope we could be friends ^w^
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  10. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  11. Welcome to EMC, might I inquire as to what way thou came upon this marvelous institution?
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  12. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  13. Welcome! :D
    It looks like ShelLuser likes you? You must be a good person then ;)
    I hope you'll have fun here! :)
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  14. No, he's evil :D

    Always spreading rainbows and other stuff across town and has/had a habit of burying me ("building my own mausoleum around me") whenever I'm on the phone with my gf (thus afk for 30 - 40min) :p

    (edit: I actually still need to laugh when thinking back about that one... *LOL* :))

    And I don't fully remember but I think the (unknown to you guys) "drunken TNT incident" also involved you double, errr: snuggle. ;) not too sure anymore, would have to look it up.

    607 & Blacknight: SnuggleGlasses, DoubleCakes and me used to play on the same (other) server :)
  15. I found it :eek:

    Ok gang, in case you're wondering what I'm talking about..

  16. Well, as Shelly said, we used to play on another server together. I stumbled across his MCForum banner, and said "Wot? Wot's this?" and decided to try. I stayed ;)
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