"Offering up" Clarification

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  1. If I wanted to post a thread such as (NOTE : I AM NOT ACTUALLY SELLING THESE)
    "Selling Marlix Bow, Freedom Blade, Momentus Toothpick, list your offers here"
    Should I list it in the auction thread, products/business/services thread, or another thread, or not even bother and do it in-game? The reason why I am sort of torn between products and auction is because despite the fact that I'm selling rare products, players can still ask for a price and try to buy for a little more than the other guy, making it sort of like an auction. Which should I be doing?
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  2. Products/Businesses/Services subforum is the way to go. The auction subforum is ONLY for formal auctions, even if your selling style kind of resembles an auction. If it isn't exactly like a normal auction in every way, it doesn't go in that subforum. Make sure you include specific rules in your main post to avoid your thread turning into a flame war. :)
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