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  1. What car you got?
    how awesome is it?
    How fast can you go?
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  2. xD
    Just post some pics of your ferrari?
    It would be nice to see a pic of you on it :)
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  4. Yup, you happen to be the most successful 27 year old, You:'
    • Are really smart, and work at NASA
    • Have built a robot
    • Have a car that isn't even built yet, and bought it for 2 million dollars
    • Make awesome MC Skins
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  5. Lol tcl ...
  6. Me as a Protoss don't have car :(
    I captained a void ray ;) joking
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  7. where to jump in this conversation at.....

    A) spelling is different from place to place, I type like an immature nine year old 80% of the time, no reason for me to type mature if the audience is a bunch of nine year olds.
    B) Wether or not he's lying or telling the truth who cares?
    C) if your telling the truths, props! Still like to see pics of it that aren't made and edited in photoshop! xD
    D) I know a young man who is 15 who is in college( he did home-school therefore could graduate early) has been accepted to many colleges, and doing coding for video games and such for fun. he's white.... btw.
    E) I don't have a car, my minimum wage paying part-time job doesn't allow me too yet.
  8. First off: Stop the flame wars. I get it, the guy makes some pretty hyperbolic claims. But lets just say he's [honest] until proved [a liar] alright? But still, the guy should post a picture of his car if he doesn't like being called a liar...

    Second: tclementi: Why are you on EMC at work? Aren't you supposed to be building a rocket or making tons of cash? And secondly, if you're so fantastically smart, and you've wanted this all of your life, your spelling should be a little better and you should act maybe a LITTLE more mature. According to the site I'm 11 years younger than you, and I'm showing you up with fancy spelling, correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

    Third: If you have the ONLY one of a brand new, desirable, concept sports car, why don't we know about you? Wouldn't there be some kind of news article about the 27 year old billionaire who just acquired a supercar with loads of cash he makes at NASA?

    Fourth: I don't yet HAVE a car. So obviously I can't brag about anything that I own. My friend sometimes lets me borrow his car to take for a spin, but it's no supercar or anything.
  9. I can make a car :rolleyes:

    Get a metal box with a wheel and put a magnet on the front. LOL
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  10. i wish ur travels well on the high way
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  11. ROFL to you nnnnmc1!
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  12. Back to the point considering this is way off topic . I have a 1.4 seat ibiza , she's a beauty! Here's a photo
    Sorry about my ass being in the way ;)

    mc car.jpg
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  13. I agree ;)
  14. I think I'm working for the wrong federal agency. They must pay NASA engineers about 1000 times more than they pay engineers for any other agency.


    Nope, this chart shows it's pretty much the same across the board for professional and scientific positions.
  15. also if you were really rich why not support EMC :D?
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  16. Everyone, watch the insults! It's ok to call someone out on an obvious fabrication, but there have been a few lines crossed in this thread and I'd hate to have to delete the whole thing.
  17. Really? I mean really?

    You'd make 200k a year if you're the proverbial lord of aeronautics at NASA, and thanks to the employee database for all government workers...


    You don't work there. You could have posted a picture of that Ferrari and said <-Dream Car, and I would have been excited to have a conversation about dream cars. I might have posted pictures of my cars in this thread that would have remained legitimate, but no.
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  18. Im just wondering why this guy is allowed to do what he is doing on the forums - not in this thread alone but in all of his replies... Makes absolutely no sense.