Obsidian generator

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  1. I heard a few people talk about an obsidian generator. In vanilla it's not possible, but is it possible on emc
  2. Lava + Water + Redstone = Obsidian :)
  3. It is possdible and I can make one for you for free if you have a bucket of lava 7 redstone and a water bucket
  4. It's completely possible in vanilla and EMC, there's one at my res lol. It's a glitch having to do with redstone not being a full block and the lava still flowing on it..

    .. I think
  5. Would this work with string and a tripwire
  6. Yes it would be make sure the tripwire itself is attacked to a wall away from lava because I'm pretty sure it will get burned. Make sure the only thing in the path of the lava is the string. I personally prefer redstone because it's much easier to get.
  7. Are these legal on emc? I know other glitch related generators aren't.
  8. These are completely legal :)
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  9. That is great news. I will definitely make one of these soon.
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  10. Yes, obsidian generators are and have always been allowed.
  11. What about clean stone gen
  12. The distinction that I've heard made in other threads here is that an Obsidian generator trades Redstone or String for a block of Obsidian. In the case of something like a Sand generator, blocks are produced without a trade.

    Other types of farms, like a Stone generator, are part of normal game mechanics.
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  13. Smooth stone, cobblestone, and obsidian generators are all allowed
  14. The last time I tried to make one with String it didn't work. Just worked with Redstone :(
  15. Second question how do you get to old endertopia
  16. Uuuummmmmm… in utopia, you type /endertopia…
  17. It does work, i can show you mine if you really want :D
  18. I had to set mine up so that the water flowed South. I originally had mine flowing North and it wouldn't work.
  19. Use tripwire hooks and it doesn't matter, I can show you if you wish.