[NOW OPEN] Empire Pool V.2

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  1. GRAND OPENING /v 211
    The time has finally come for the return of the Official Empire Pool located at Residence 211 on smp1! Come on over and check it out

    Thanks go to nick5013 with contributing a significant portion of the design

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  2. yay! welldone :D
  3. Some screenshots!

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  4. Awesome.
  5. Looks great! I'll need to check it out when I can get on next :D
  6. This made me happy! :)
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  8. 2014-05-26_13.09.27.png
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  9. Kity getting towels and sun lotion from her locker.

    Peeping Nick!

    Do we want to know what was going on? And poor Nick wasn't invited!?!


    Fishing from the Lifeguard tower like a boss!...well he can cuz....He's Batman!!


    RainbowChin gets a perfect 10!!


    "Sea"horse Race?


    What a perfect picture setting.....someone needs a hug!! or just jump on in! He don't bite (<.< i don't think)

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  10. So fun! :D Nice job!