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  1. The one who points out all THREE things will get 1000r!
    Also this doubles as an AMA!
    Also I need a new server for my new residence!
    Bring on the challenges!
  2. We have a new town center look, a place for Maxarias to go AFK on all servers, and a new feature called Wastelands will be added as of 1.5
  3. You are gold supporter, you have MEINCRAVTA's profile pic and your sig changed
  4. About me, BUT I like your thinking! :p
  5. And redwing wins!
    Not that he needs it! :p
  6. wht u coulda told us wht u talk about
    but i didnt know who u were i only on smp6 really but i know rewing
  7. Oh but I do for my project :)
  8. redwing* and could i still get something for wht i said i mean wht i said is true
  9. If you don't mind me asking, what's your project?
  10. 5122 check it.
  11. Why the name fluffinator09?
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  12. My dog is very fluffy and we got her in 2009. To take away the hilarity of just fluffy I added the -inator to add terror to it... I failed XD
  13. Utopia. I have an open residence right next to me, you could build another thing there and it could be like a 2 in 1 visit
  14. I would but I... wait SPONTANEOUS IDEA TIME!
  15. Fallout 3 ftw, I can't wait if they make a fourth one :)
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  16. We'll I coulda told you that lol... It took me only 30 seconds.
    My Q:
    Will you ever finish Renegade?
  17. Since they finished Dishonored they are now working on it!
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  18. Of course, but I must figure out in what manner to do so. I may start over and rewrite it all with a much darker overall tone.
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  19. Your spelling hurts my eyes.
  20. AMA?

    Ok. What are the new 3 things?
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