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  1. so yeah, hey eyery1 just curious about ur guys safety
    the thing is that do u have any weapon in ur houses? for me i got a katana, a machete, an axe, a chainsaw,and a rifle
  2. Out of everything described in this post, this is the least true.
  3. would upload a pic but i couldnt
  4. A baseball bat.
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  5. My dog makes a very good weapon.
  6. Does a crazy cat count?
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  7. Wait, you mean your real house?

    Remind me not to step anywhere too close to your house, Mr. Uses-a-chainsaw-for-self-defense. o_e
  8. who knows when reality becomes mc?
  9. My dog is a good weapon... I curl him up in a ball and throw it at the intruder...TUCKY GO!
  10. I have three katanas :D
  11. A big stick.

  12. I got 1 dagger, Are we allowed to post pictures?
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  13. You are the weapon that's the thing also you have everything a you disposal XD.
  14. I have a fuzzy, 9 pound dog, who would kill the intruder with cuteness.
  15. i think we can uploade pics but i couldnt, i did it the wring way but if the mods arent againsit pics are allowe here(not off topic ones)
  16. Some rifles and Shotguns.
  17. Lol!
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  19. More than likely if someone tried to break into my house with me in it, I would scream and end up out of reflex punching the crap out of them or grabbing the nearest thing I had and whacking them with it. If I have to have an actual item, I have some knives in the kitchen. That's about it. I guess I could toss a cat at them.
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  20. Ah, kitchen knives, forgot about those. I really need a good meat cleaver, now that I think of it.
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