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  1. Hello everyone,

    First of all, this will be my 200th post on Empire Minecraft. That must mean I spent quite some time here (too much...? :D)

    I've had a YouTube and Twitch channel for quite some time now, and uploaded some things on there.
    However, I haven't had any public content on my channel since July.
    This has multiple reasons. School is one, but the most important one is: about a week after the last upload, I joined EMC! Says enough, doesn't it? :p

    I want to get back to these Youtube and Twitch channels, because I really love making video's for others. So I will, starting today!

    I will be uploading lots of EMC video's over time, because I really like EMC and I want to combine YouTube and EMC. I will also be livestreaming now and then, and I hope you guys will like those and watch those. Past streams will always be uploaded to the YouTube channel, because of Twitch's VOD removal system.

    My first video will be coming out today. It's a video of last night's FireFloor event (Round 2, the multifloor one), and I'm planning on doing some commentated video's as well.

    I will post here as soon as a video comes out (or a live stream is starting in a few hours), but I will also make a Twitter account in the (near) future that you can follow to see what's going on with my YouTube and Twitch.

    I hope you guys are looking forward to this and of course leave comments with positive messages or constructive criticism. Either is taken with open arms. And subscribing would be awesome as well! ;)

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    I will be posting a status update on YouTube (basically mentioning the things in the OP post of this thread) for existing subscribers. I'll be telling a bit about EMC in that video and what will be happening soon on the channel.

    This video along with the firefloor video will both come out today. The firefloor video is ready for publishing, but I feel like the status update is necessary first.

    Today, 12:30 pm EMC time (or at least aiming for that time :) ), I'll be livestreaming from SMP9. We'll do a mining session or so :p

  4. The livestream has finished! I had some mic problems, but they should be fixed next time :)

    A VOD of this stream will be published tomorrow on my YouTube channel (or just look on my Twitch profile)

    EDIT: Did that already :p
  5. Looks awesome man! Just subbed on youtube!
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  6. Thanks :)

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  7. Buuuuump... :)
  8. Bump

    Another video is in the make, so look forward to that!
  9. The stream is over, but I'll most likely continue in about 2 hours, because I've had a lot of fun :)

    So hope you're looking forward to that ;)