Night and Day in the Worlds

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  1. Now, I have no clue if this is even possible, but hear me out.

    After a long day of mining and collecting materials in the Wilderness, night falls. I return to my res to fix up the place with the resources I've just collected. But alas, night time has also hit town, making construction a bit more difficult. And when I do end up building in the town in the morn, and spend all day doing so, I go and return to the Wilderness to gather more materials. But now it's dangerous, because night has fallen, in perfect sync with the town's time.

    What I mean is, when night has fallen over the Wasteland & Wilderness, perhaps dawn will soon be approaching the town. That way, we can gather materials safely during the day in the wasteland/wilderness, and see what we're building in our res.

    tl;dr We flip flop night and day between the world we build our houses in and the worlds we gather resources in. So when it's midnight in the wasteland, it's Afternoon in the town. This will make it easier to tell time in the other worlds while in another world w/o the live map and give us plenty of time to build up our residence in broad daylight.

    Is this possible? Is this even a good idea? Did I miss something? Can I get a yay or nay?
  2. Though I think it's fine the way it is now, my personal preference would be that the night/day cycles of all the worlds be perfectly synchronized. I think this would provide the most realistic setting. It woudn't be as convenient as what you're suggesting Green Mystery, but it would seem to make more sense... to me anyway.
  3. This isn't possible, because the sync can become off based on situations. Say you were alone in the wilderness and it JUST turned night. If you slept in a bed, it would make it day in the wilderness. Of course if more than one is in a world, everyone has to sleep, which has been done but is more difficult to coordinate.
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  4. Ahh, I never knew that ._.

    I thought the only point of a bed in this server was to set where you spawn...

    Well, thank you for the information anyways.