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  1. Im selling tools, armor and weapons!


    Helmet: 250r
    Torso: 350r
    Leggings: 300r
    Boots: 250r
    Axe: 300r
    Pickaxe: 300r
    Shovel: 200r
    Sword: 250r
    Hoe: 150r


    Helmet: 200r
    Torso: 300r
    Leggings: 250r
    Boots: 200r
    Axe: 250r
    Pickaxe: 250r
    Shovel: 150r
    Sword: 150r
    Hoe: 100r


    Torso: 150r
    Leggings: 200r
    Boots: 150r
    Axe: 200r
    Pickaxe: 200r
    Shovel: 100r
    Sword: 100r
    Hoe: 50r


    Axe: 150r
    Pickaxe: 150r
    Shovel: 50r
    Sword: 50r
    Hoe: 25r


    Redstone Dust - 32r Per 64
    Lapis - 32 Per 64
    Fishing Rod - 25r Per
    Bow - 30r Per
    Shears - 20r Per

    Im looking to partner with a enchanting company, If we do then I will supply the items discounted! PM me for more details! Click Here

    If my prices you believe are too high then please contact me on the PM not on here thank you Click Here to PM me

    Max Orders:
    Max 4 items for armor order
    Max 5 items for tools order
    Max 3 64 sets for "Others" order
    Only 1 order until delivered
    E.G. you can order a full set of tools but need to wait until armor can be brought

    Please specify type as well, I will then reply with a price for it, if the total price is too much then please PM me and we can agree on a price Click Here to PM me

    Order - Armor:
    Item 1:
    Item 2:
    Item 3:
    Item 4:

    Order - Tools
    Item 1:
    Item 2:
    Item 3:
    Item 4:
    Item 5:

    Order - Others
    Item 1:
    Item 2:
    Item 3:
  2. any orders?
  3. come plz anyone!! it wont take long i even deliver!
  4. Pricy for the stone. Check around other stores, they sell them for 1r
  5. really 1r. Where?
  6. smp7 14141
    smp7 14224 ( I tore it down because im closing down shop. But things might change )
  7. are they your shops?
  8. 14224 is.
  9. k i would check but cant connect to
  10. no one wants any orders :(
  11. Dude if you can match my prices for kits...