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  1. Hey Guys! I made a new website about the comics i made or how i call it, comix. I hope you guys like the website and ill try to upload a new comix online everyday. I hope you guys like the website and if you got any suggestions, go to my forums section and click on the suggestions tab. Thanks for reading and visiting the website! Also keep in mind, i dont draw the straightest lines :p


  2. +1 awesome web site
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  3. Thanks! Just Uploaded Another Comix! Hope You Like'em! I'll Try To Add Different Tabs For Different Types Of Comixs Just Incase You Guys Don't ONLY Like Humor Comix!
  4. I like your website, but what would be even cooler is if you made your own custom coded website. There are some really fun ways to learn HTML/CSS/JS and really chap ways to get a domain in your name. Trust me, making your own site is way more fun then weebly.

    Nice comix.
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  5. Cool Idea AmusedStew But I barely know any programing XD I only know how to make squares in programing so tell me any places i could learn how to program or how to make a website. Thanks for the idea and I might stick with it :)
  6. I have only known HTML since Monday and I already have one or two projects in my website. HTML is supper easy to use and fun! BTW your website looks really good. Also, w3schools is great for teaching HTML.
  7. Haha, cool website!
    I agree with toto_style, w3schools is great for learning html, just Google it. It's actually not that difficult to set up a simple site, but it does take some time to learn how to do it. It's probably a wise investment, though, as know html is much more useful than being able to utilise weebly. :)