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  1. Back when we launched the Utopia world for supporters, we only had a single server. Over the past few weeks the staff and supporters have had many discussions about what to do now that we are multi server. I am proud to announce that Utopia will be moving to its own server, utopia1. The server will be similar to our smp servers with a few perks. We plan to launch a day or two after the 1.0 update.

    • Utopia Wilderness is always daylight.
    • Utopia Town has 120x120 residences (for Diamond Supporters, see below).
    • Anyone (including free players) can visit Utopia Town just like an smp server.
    • Opening your cross-server vault is free in Utopia Town (for everyone).
    • Gold & Diamond Supporters will have access to Utopia Wilderness (just like it is now).

    So the biggest new thing is the large residences (double the size of smp). At first we were going to have the Utopia server without a Town. But then we decided it would be best to keep all the Empire servers a similar layout. Diamond Supporters will be able to claim one of these, even if they have a residence on an smp server. Ever since we started the Empire we have received complaints that the Diamond level did not really offer anything above gold (and it didn't except rupees).

    None of this set in stone, but I think all of this is a good start, I am not even sure if the idea of a separate server for Utopia is going to be popular enough. After a month or so of running the Utopia server we can continue to tweak and improve the idea and specifics together as a community. I want to personally thank all the supporters for the overwhelming support on all of these ideas. If anyone has any more ideas for Utopia let me know :)
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  2. honestly, being a gold supporter (and not being able to afford diamond) makes it a little unfair that i wont be able to use the utopia town.
    i barely even visit the utopia anymore since somebody greifed my glass island. how about gold supporters get another 60x60 plot, and half of utopia city is for goldies.
    maybe one day i will get a job (screw you laws i wanna work too, but no not teenagers!) and then i can upgrade to diamond.
  3. and this is totally unrelated but i think that you guys should add the littleblocks mod once it gets updated, but its only available to diamond supporters, to make it fair.
  4. We don't mean for it to be unfair, we just want to offer different perks at different levels :) The idea that Utopia Town has both 120x120 and 60x60 is interesting, I could look into how that would look / work (cause the software I wrote to generate the Towns isn't that smart right now lol).

    That little blocks mod looks awesome, I have never seen it just looked it up. But it requires a client side mod and it looks like they dont have a multiplayer version of it (only single player) :(
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  5. to counter you i would think it's unfair you get pretty much = to what i get for less money
    you got to understand that you can't always have what other people have while putting forth less effort/money
  6. you cant say bobert is putting forth less effort, what if he is putting in twice the effort you do, but gets less money for it?
  7. i was using it as a general statment in this case we are only talking about the money part
  8. I love the little blocks mod, that would be so cool to plan structures etc... I don't see how this mod would give anyone an advantage over other players. It looks good, worth thinking about ;)
  9. I say.. I say... I say Jolly Good Sir! XD

    They are working on a multiplayer version soon I believe. ;)
  10. If you want to add something after you post you can edit it MR2R2M :)
  11. Oh woops >_<
  12. Is it at all possible to make it so the Utopia Wilderness gives more XP when mobs are killed? XP takes forever to collect..
  13. It would actually prob be less of a chance of getting XP unless you go underground, because it is always daylight :)
  14. even if it was only gold/diamonds members can go to utopia wilderness
  15. I realize this, Slozon. I'm looking to start an enchanting business, and if I was to get more XP as a supporter I wouldn't hesitate.

    Hesitate to support, that is.
  16. Bobert, I think the biggest reason why it should just be diamond supporters is because we are paying 10 dollars more. And yes that is an extra 30-40 mins of real life work to be able to afford that. Or for the case of not being old ebough to be "hired" go mow a lawn or 2 i did that when I was young. There are a lot of ways to make money to get what you want. But i believe life isn't fair. Work hard play hard. So giving a gold more to get makes the gap of diamond and gold even closer, which is the whole point of the seperation in the beginning, in my opinion.

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  17. i know, but i was saying half of what you get. read what i said. you get a 60x60 lot AND a 120x120 lot, but i would get two 60x60 lots.
  18. i have thought about that but there is an empire of kids who divvie the money up and mow all the lawns in a 2 mile radius. very anoying, since they only do it for 5 bucks. but actually i was tired when i posted that, so i am agreeing with you and others now, make a gap! make that gap big! and i might end up quiting wow anyway, so thats 15 extra bucks a month! plenty!
  19. I'm lost to what you are saying. You say you agree and that ur guna quit. It's not that big of a gap. It's an appropriate gap that makes a difference, and if you walk 2.1 miles there will be more lawns. Eventually you will find out work is difficult. Like I said before, work hard, play hard. Agree or disagree I wish you the best in work and gaming. Hope you stay.

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  20. lol he was goin to quit wow (world of warcraft)