New Update On Emc?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by DemonThunder345, Aug 13, 2013.


Emc Is Awesome

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  1. At around 20 Minutes ago. The Server rebooted for some Tweaking and Updating. Im Just Wondering what this is for?
  2. I am guessing they are doing more steps to ensure less lag and fix some bugs.
  3. Then it would say. Fixing Some Bugs n Stuff.
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  5. If there was a major update you'd probably hear about it in the announcement or a home page thread :)

    SkyDragon hates EMC :(
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  6. Hey alex, I also saw that /p now shows voting streak and the last time someone voted. However, for someone who has never voted before, it is currently showing that their last vote was 15930 days ago.... might want to bug report that XD
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  7. I guess it was the voting and horse thing.
    *Walks around. *Finds enraged Momentus Riding a Marlix *Screems...
    Lets just hope that wont happen :)

    I wonder why SkyDragon Hate Emc :O