New to EMC. Not to minecraft!

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  1. Hey Guys, Dub here.

    Wanted to introduce myself! Any of the regular guys probably know me for annoying the hell out of them for asking the prices of things as it's so confusing when you first start! I THINK I'm slowly getting there though, SMP7's been kind to me. Also, am I literally the only British guy on this server?! haha.

    Anyhow, get posting below so I can get to know some more people!
  2. Welcome to the Empire! And no, you're definitely not the only British person here.

    If you need any help, just ask (which is looks like you've been doing too much:p) or check the Wiki ( There's lots of good stuff on there (depends on what you consider good... but oh well).

    My inbox is always open (on the site... please don't mail to my house) if you want to talk. ;)
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  3. Welcome to Empire Minecraft! :D
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  4. Thanks! That's what I've been trying to do Penguin, it's hard reading through all that /res tp stuff and actually being able to understand it! (thanks go to jhall on that one)... I may well abuse use that in the future! :p
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  5. Welcome to the Empire Dub. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  6. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  7. the Empire! to Welcome
    (shoot, I messed it up again . . .)

    I hope you have a good time here. The community has worked hard to make this such a great place, and I hope you'll help us keep it that way (and by the sound of it, you're already doing a good job). I usually lurk around on SMP8 if you need any help, or just want to talk. ;)
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  8. Welcome! Im british :)
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  9. Mucho Gracias for the comments guys! I look forward to chatting to you all hopefully! If i ever jump on the SMP you're on give me a shout and we can chat :)
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  10. Welcome to the Empire!
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  11. Welcome! We dont have cookies.
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  12. Hey I just noticed this :) Even though we've talked in game many times I wanted to officially welcome you to EMC.
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  13. Thanks Kat!
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  14. Welcome to EMC! Nice name; are yeh actually a chef? ;)
  15. Welcome to The Empire! I've been away from The Empire for along time nog so I've been scanning some malls and shops to see if the price have changed. You couldn't also do as I do ( compare prices at diffrent shops)

    Really want to Know to! Are you a chef?
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  16. Yeah ive been using the malls as a reference, but the volitility of the 1.8 block prices means malls are hard to go by sometimes.
    I'm not! I've always been called it as it was a name i used to Dj under (serving up those fresh tunes...) so the name sorta stuck with me from there!
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  18. Well that's true malls is often more expensive. I'm sure that you can ask as much as you want because People are glad to help. Nice name!
  19. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft :D
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  20. Thanks for all the warm welcomes guys and gals!
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