[NEW!] the 5.5.5 Utilities

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  1. Hello people of EMC!
    I will be starting a new project called the EMC 5.5.5 Utilities.

    The first 5 stands for SMP5. This project will be on SMP5,
    The second 5 stands for the 5 teams on this project:
    1. the Administration Team & Grief Protection Team (fix griefs),
    2. the Main Farm/Utility Build Team (will help with the main build),
    3. the Decoration Build Team (Decoration! Make the utility look good ;)),
    4. the Transportation Team (boat docks, railway system, etc.) , and last but not least,
    5. the Extras team (locker rooms, bed rooms, wheat, carrot, and/or potato farms, etc.)
    EDIT: The Extras team will also be a mining and resource gathering team! Thanks to JLID10 for that suggestion!
    The third 5 stands for the 5 utilities on this project (these will be built throughout a period of time):
    1. the AU79 (Mass Gold, Magma Cream, Nether stuff, etc.)
    2. the White Gold (huge iron farm)
    3. the XP++ (mass XP farm and mob grinder)
    4. TBD
    5. TBD
    I will need LOTS of help, so sign up here! http://goo.gl/forms/MWV443yMPE
    You DON'T have to be an SMP5-er. Personally, I'm not from SMP5 either, but I would just like to help out the EMC community! Please share this post with your friends!

    More information will be coming up soon if you sign up!
    Thanks so much!
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  2. 5.5.5 Build Status:
    • I have surveyed the Wild lands on SMP5, and believe that the Wild N spawn area will be the best for this project. Is anyone willing to help me start on a central hub station?
    5.5.5 Wall of Fame:
    1. ArkWarrior1: Donated 10,000 rupees towards this project!
    2. 2468hammy: Helped SO MUCH with Transportation and building! (He can read my mind :p)
  3. Saved for future uses.
  4. Saved for future uses.
  5. That's an awesome project! I look forward to its development. Keep us in touch!
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  6. You basically copied the chemistry style name from Fe(II) for Au79. Good luck though.
  7. So if I named my outpost ILOVECARS you'd tell me off for copying Cargatha? Its a bit of a wide range to nail someone for using a chemistry style name
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  8. Thanks to all those who have signed up already, but we are going to need a LOT of people building and helping! If you want to help, go ahead and sign up! More details will be coming up soon. Our first project will probably be AU79 (just because it produces gold, and gold can get us money and funds)
  9. Signed up!:)
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  10. Another great farm would a wither skeleton farm. I've been built one on smp3 and it is great.
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  11. That's a great idea! Did you sign up yet?
  12. No, I don't have the time to help on a project right now because of school and homework. I have a very erratic schedule and may not be able to get on all that much.
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  13. That's okay!
    • I have surveyed the Wild lands on SMP5, and believe that the Wild N spawn area will be the best for this project. Is anyone willing to help me start on a central hub station?
  14. Just a heads up, theres a big underground complex next to spawn there
  15. Really? Where?
    Also, the rail station at spawn will just be a small station; the real hub will be far from there (Minecarts and bridges will be built). This way, we can prevent griefing.
    The location of the Minecart station to the Hub will only be accessible through a thread or friend telling you, so griefers won't just randomly find it
  16. I'm not sure the outpost owners would like it if I released co-ords
  17. No, I'm just pointing it out as Emory started making these to make a point against SMP8 Wild Public Utilities.
  18. From what I gather she was fed up of someone at the smp8 WPU and wanted to start another; if you want to continue arguing my inbox is always open :p
  19. Sure!